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5/22/07 1:28:57PM
What kind of drills do u guys do, when ur training boxing?
5/22/07 3:13:59PM
I break it down into pretty much 5 separate workouts when training.

1. Footwork/Bobbing/Weaving/Etc.
2. Entrances (Speed/Accuracy to enter your opponents reach. Jabs, Crosses, Etc)
3. Finishes (Power punches, both inside, and outside)
4. Counters (Parrying, Slips, etc.)
5. Sparring

I do 1 & 3 on the heavybag.
2,4 with Focus Mits/Trainer
5, sparring partner obviously

Most of my workouts I do are all circuit training. I'll allot certain time for each section, and do multiple "reps." For something like this, I'll do 3-5 minute rounds, then repeat a number of times. I'm an avid user of circuit training because it incorporates a lot of cardio in, because you have no rest in between workouts.
5/22/07 3:49:16PM
Bayonet got the drills down right there, but Im a fan of Fartlek training too.

Fartlek (Swedish for "Speed play" I think) involves mixing up sprinting, running, slow jogging and walking, designed to push your body in and out of the Cardio exercise zone (60% of Max heart rate) and in and out of the Anaerobic zone (80-93% MHR).

It differs from interval training in that you vary the speed randomly, rather than in a pattern. By doing it randomly, you make your bodies "gear shift" more effective, rather than interval training, where your body can move to the rhythm easier.

Fartlek training is useful for fighters because in a fight the pace can change rapidly, from very slow to very fast and you cant always control the pace, so Fartlek training helps your body to get ready for the shift.
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