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5/6/09 12:08:24PM
Just boxing, not KB or MT. What are ways to get in against or fight a guy thats taller and faster. Especially advice on taller guys. Yeah head movement is key,but how do you avoid the reach and possibly speed. Any good boxers on here?

Also anyone know any good head movement drills?
5/6/09 2:05:10PM
Im not a great boxer but, u could lead in with hooks to the body while covering up and possibly throwing overhand rights. thats usually how i get in for the clinch or a take down for MMA
5/6/09 2:29:51PM

Posted by Amigop

Im not a great boxer but, u could lead in with hooks to the body while covering up and possibly throwing overhand rights. thats usually how i get in for the clinch or a take down for MMA

If its a boxing match I'd ignore that, sorry man but if he's facing a taller, faster guy an you go throwing hooks and jumping in you'll eat straights all day an prob end up getting KO'd.
Foot work is something to work on and you're right about head movement but with out knowing your strong and weak points theirs little help people can offer. The best advice you get on here comes from one of the guys with a top trainer badge so if they post pay attention. I'm only offering my opinion because I box and have done for a good number of years but you're best bet is to talk to your coach or head trainer in the gym. They'll work with you on your strategy and improve you weaker parts to your game.

Also shadow boxing and working pads with someone should improve your head movement. Good luck man!
5/6/09 2:41:31PM
You've got to use your footwork to take away his range. Back him into a corner so he loses his ability to get distance when you get inside. Attacking the body is key. That is the biggest advantage smaller guys have on the taller dudes. I know this because I'm a tall dude with a long reach

If he's a good tall guy he'll be using his jab to keep you at bay, and then when you step in he'll punish you with his power hand. You've got to slip that jab and avoid the power hand while dishing out some punishment of your own. The ropes, angles, and footwork (all related to footwork basically) are your best friend against a taller fighter. Take away his range, and his power will diminish greatly while you pound on his ribs.
5/6/09 3:33:19PM
Boxing isn't really my forte, so take it for what it's worth...but the shorter guys that I've struggled in sparring sessions typically bring a lot of pressure.

A lot comes down to solid footwork--taking the proper angles and such. Work the body, slip the jabs with good head movement, get inside and get off, then pivot, and get off again. Taller opponents will typically use their jab a lot (maybe even double it up) so it's important to have a good left hook counter (assuming you're both orthodox). A lot of guys drop their right when they jab so your left hook will probably be your bread and butter.

Mike Tyson was probably the perfect example of how to fight a taller opponent. You know the old saying...kill the body and the head will fall.
5/6/09 4:24:05PM
Slipping jabs and crosses, bob and weave as many other shots as possible.

Slip a jab and follow with your own right straight over the top of that and you should land it whilst covering the distance on him. Won't work if you arent too fast on the old reflexes though.

Bob & weave say hook punches but attempt to close the distance with them also otherwise you'l be standing in one spot still out of range.

If you'v done any points fighting kickboxing or freestyle karate, I would say the most effective way of covering the distance to take away the reach and awkwardness would be a blitz. Search up Raymond Daniels points fighting or Michael Page videos on youtube for that though.

Hope it helps!
5/6/09 5:11:28PM
Everyone has basically covered this, so the only thing I can add is to check out some of Rocky Marciano and, to a lesser extent, George Foreman fights. Marciano was a short, compact heavyweight that had to get inside on his opponents, and had a paticular style of keeping his head very low and attacking the body. Foreman wasn't usually shorter than his opponents, but he was quite a bit slower, and he had his own distinct style that worked for him.
5/6/09 8:18:55PM
I think i have and idea now of what to do and how to approach.
Thanks to everyone!
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