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12/29/12 7:53:18AM
I'm going to list some things i like to do. Feel free to add your own with a descriptor of when/why it's used. Or critique mine if you see something of note.

Opponent Jabs
Against Southpaws (All of these require the lead foot outside opponents lead foot)
1. Slip to the Jab side shoulder(keep right shoulder high), Left uppercut under the arm, Right straight. Chase/Smother/Disengage depending on opponents distance and balance.
2. If they're tall: Slip to the Jab side shoulder, Left Shovel-hook to the back of the ribs, Right body hook, re-adjust feet, disengage.
3. Still tall: Slip to the Jab side shoulder, Right straight to the body, move to the left.
4. If they're miraculously around my height: Slip to the Jab side shoulder, Right straight counter, Right comb block+Left Hook.

I prefer to almost exclusively slip to the outside because it creates a blind angle for the uppercut to come up from, and because it moves you away from eating a right straight if you choose to tack on a 2 or 3. Also because it moves you closer to the Opponent, and my short ass always has to collapse range.

Opponent Jabs
Against Orthodox
1. Slip to the Jab side shoulder(back leg lifts up first, push off left foot, land 8-10 inches offline) Right straight over the top. If the slip covered enough distance laterally, you can close the door with a lunging left hook free of the counter right straight. If it didn't, move to your right and disengage.
2. Can execute when feet are closer to perpendicular than Parallel with opponents: Step in Jab + Right Comb Block, Dip head offline + Left snapping uppercut(like a straight but an upward trajectory), Right straight.
*If the Right straight hits, they tend to be discombobulated for a second. If they move to their right, the Right Straight is more likely to land hard. If it does not, they will most likely have moved to their left and backwards. Under this circumstance: 2B - Weave to the right into southpaw stance, Right hook to the body, Right uppercut to the head.
3. Slip inwards to the rear side shoulder, tuck chin and dip with left hand high and elbows in, Right Cross Counter over the jab, followed by Left Hook to the body.

I really like the Jab, L. Uppercut, Straight, R. Body Hook, R. Uppercut combo. I constantly attempt to set myself in a position to throw it, but opponents re-adjust and thats when 1 & 3 become useful. Their simple and can be used in the stance that your opponent will constantly try to re-establish. I'm wary of Jabbing when someone else Jabs, but thats because im short. longer people can get away with it if they can hand trap the opponents left with their right before pistoning off the jab. For a good example of #1 look at Penn v. Hughes 3.

Opponent rear hand Straight
1. Left Comb Block + slip to rearside shoulder, Right straight to the body, Left hook to the head to close the door.
2. Burst forward head offline, Right Hook counter over the top, Cover up + Smother, work uppercuts or the body before opponent restablishes distance.
3. Against opponents close to my height: Slip to rearside shoulder, Straight over the top, Russian Left Hook+Cheat step(Rear foot ends up in front), Straight, Smother, work inside.

When slipping to the rearside shoulder, its harder to land the right straight to the head if the opponent is tall. Which is why i just go for the body in that instance. Ending with the left hook is good because the opponents Jab hand will be out of position to punish you for the risk and your right straight over the top should be able to keep his left hand away from his chin for long enough to land it, even if that means ripping it down with your right. #2 is good to make the opponent work harder than they want to right after throwing a power shot.

Opponent rear hand Straight

1. Jab, Move head. Lol. People really shouldnt open up with the right straight unless theyre just obscenely fast.
2. Move body laterally to the right, throw a left hook and keep the right hand high to protect a left hook follow up. The Left hook will only land if they cover alot of distance, but the lateral movement keeps you out of harms way unless the opponent risks over extending themself.
3. Right Comb parry + move body in and to the left. Lunging Left hook. Keep elbow high to protect the Chin. The Right comb should deflect the Straight right and block the follow up left, allowing a straight path for your Left hook to land uninhibited by the opponents counters.
4. Move head off center to the left + Hand trap the right with your left, burst forward with a straight right of your own on the opponents right side of the chin. Make sure to keep your right shoulder high to avoid eating a left hook on the button.

The Straight right is traditionally a shitty opening unless youre super fast or you set it up with movement. But even that is hard unless its a counter. A Natural inclination is to move back and to the right(#2), since the backfoot moves first going backward and that is the quickest route back. So #2 is opportunistic in the sense that the Left hook is pretty risk free, but its also the least effective in my opinion. Opening with the straight is an opportunity to be taken advantage of and you can do it with just about any tool.

Countering Power punches, and other tactics to be added later.
12/29/12 8:44:15PM
i love straight rights against a south paw's jab as well as overhand right. i like to follow it up with a clean up hook or leaping hook if they are moving away. sometimes the hook goes to the body.

against orthodox fighter's jabs i like slip to the right and throw a left hook. if we were talking MMA i like to shoot a single leg/high crotch off a jab.

from a southpaw's straight left i like to get my head offline to the right and throw a left hook followed by either a straight right or a right hook to the head/body

from an orthadox's straight right i like to slip left and throw my own straight right or throw a check hook (also called a fading hook) with my left. the check hook works when they throw a jab before the straight right.

i would probably say i do more counter striking or takedowns off of peoples punches. i love stalking down an opponent and keeping as much pressure as possible.

Training threads are great

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