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POLL: Will Badr Hari be successful in Boxing?
Yeah, he'll go straight to the top 0% (0)
More or less. He'll beat the cans and lose to the best 70% (7)
No, he's going to get worked by anyone with a proper jab 0% (0)
Who cares, he should stick with kickboxing! 30% (3)
10/12/11 7:48:23PM
Boxing trainer Naazim Richardson has been in the corner of some for the biggest fights in the past few years. Through his work with men like Shane Mosley and Bernard Hopkins, he has established himself as an important player in boxing today.

Now, he's working with Badr Hari.

Former K-1 fighter Hari announced his retirement from kickboxing last month in order to pursue a boxing career with an accompanying move to the United States to train full time. Long time fans of Hari met the news with some skepticism - he's flirted with the idea of boxing for some time with no results. But now, in an interview with Fight Hype, Richardson takes time out of his training for the upcoming Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson fight to confirm that he has met with Hari, and that The Golden Boy is indeed serious about becoming a boxer.

10/12/11 8:24:50PM
I disagree, he'll be more like Floyd, and excel at crushing cans.
10/12/11 8:50:31PM
He'll do pretty well I think. Not a world beater but he should be able to hang with the contenders in the HW devision. Which is pretty sad considering how strong it was just 25 years ago.

Granted that was before I was born, but the last great HW in boxing was Lewis. Since then HW boxing has died quicker than any other devision I've ever seen! I love watching old boxing matches.

Also I'm pretty hammered.
10/13/11 5:09:42PM
Badr has what about a 84 inch reach? It's certainly bigger than Semmy's.
Klitschko has an 81" and his worst attribute is his ability to take a punch.

Potentially Hari could do it IMO, he has enough power, he can fight on the outside, and Naazim is one of the best trainers in the business.
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