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12/12/07 11:55:36PM
Im a former judo competitor and current boxer. I have had 5 amatuer fights.

any other boxers here?
12/13/07 12:32:36AM
i'm just starting in boxing! no fights yet but been training with some good people.. i sparred with the #1 ranked amateur boxer in the states last week, forgot his name..

although i got worked like a child in taiwan, i still enjoyed it.
12/13/07 12:56:47AM
I'm a kickboxer with good but not traditional boxing.
12/13/07 1:21:05PM
ive boxed, but im a BJJ guy, ive had MMA fights not boxing fights.
i use my boxing to set up my takedowns
12/13/07 8:51:02PM
Im 5-0 but have only fought 1 guy who was very good.

1 ko, 4 tko's.

Im can tell i have been both more experienced and more taleted than everyone i fought so far. Most guys either fight or dont fight and i started boxing way b4 i started fighting.

12/14/07 1:20:15AM
I trained Boxing for 2 years, 2-0-0.
both K.O's.

12/14/07 11:31:04AM
im thinking about switching over to mma. Ive dont well in boxing and did well in judo also, i have competed in 12 judo tourneys i have a judo record of 35-1-9.
Im a green belt in judo but i usually compete in a open belt division if i can Among others divisions. If you do well at a judo tourney you can take home like 2-3 gold medals.

My cousin is a bjj purple belt(i dont really know what level that is).
12/14/07 1:00:54PM
I'm not to sure, i think purple is after blue.

well if you have good judo and boxing skills i say give it a shot bro, can't go wrong.
but the weirdest thing a guy from my bjj club with 10 months of experience beat a judo 10 yr experience.

and it was purely dominate by the 10month guy.

so if i were you i'd check into BJJ.
your boxing will help you alot in muay thai, (stance and punching wise)
12/14/07 2:48:14PM
yeah but he's probly just more talented.

12/14/07 5:42:38PM

Posted by SexPanther

yeah but he's probly just more talented.

I bet, and I also bet he's alot stronger.

My dojo studies wrestling take downs more so then Judo take downs.
12/17/07 9:12:55AM
ive done a little bit of boxing...i actually just had a fight 3 days ago....
12/19/07 2:06:22PM
Hey man Im a boxer 3 amateur fights, I had to take about three months off due to neck injury, but Im back better than ever now!
12/19/07 2:31:40PM

Posted by loller90278

although i got worked like a child in taiwan, i still enjoyed it.


Good simile.

I felt the same way when I was doing kendo and sparred with one of the Canadian National team guys.
12/28/07 10:34:10PM
I go to the local gym every Friday and box.
2/1/08 2:16:03AM
i do MMA, but i have to settle for boxing, seeing as how MMA is illegal in Ontario, Canada
2/1/08 6:08:44AM

DUDE ONTARIO'S SO GAY, everythings illegial down that way lol
2/1/08 11:11:12AM
i've done ammy boxing in the past 3-0. While I work on my boxing in MMA class, i don't go to a boxing gym there are not any close to where i live or I would.