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5/8/07 2:33:21AM
this is breaking news from ESPN News so there is no source to be found at the time......he was not one of the best skilled boxers,but he had the heart of a champion,and he will be missed

this news really made my heard sink,and brought a tear to my eyes...i have always loved Chico and the heart he showed when he stepped inside the ring,and what really made me get emotional was this mental picture i got when he lifted his little daughter up after a win,and gave her a kiss,and for him to go out like this is very heartbreaking.....especially to true boxing fans who have followed his career and behind him all the way...

RIP Champ!!! will be missed,today is a very sad day for us Chico-maniacs out there to had been behind him and rooting for him.Win,Lose,or Draw,he always gave it his all and would show the heart of a true Champion!!...the thought of how much he loved his kids really brought tears to my eyes..You will be missed!!...


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5/8/07 1:23:16PM
Yeah I heard about this on Sports Center this morning, really sad news.

R.I.P. Diego Corrales
5/8/07 1:31:35PM
very sad news, he had as big of a heart as anyone to get in the ring.....the match with castillo is maybe the most exciting ive ever seen
5/8/07 2:31:57PM
RIP. Chico is one of my favorite fighters
5/8/07 2:35:50PM
"He always told me he had to please the fans, and I should never worry about him getting knocked out. He would say they would have to carry him out of the ring. That's the way he fought. That's what made him so exciting."

I think that sums up the man's heart pretty well. It's a damn shame when something like this happens to a guy so young.

RIP "Chico"
5/8/07 3:47:06PM
wow, Im shocked...

damn, Chico was one of my favorite LW boxers ever...its just not fair
5/9/07 12:45:15PM
5/9/07 2:25:55PM

Posted by Trapt1nw0nder

Tribute to Diego Corrales from FightNetwork

Nice video... still just in shock...
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