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12/22/08 11:04:36AM
Get those mullets back into shape. WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres has a verbal agreement in place for his next title defense-he'll defend against Brian Bowles in April at a to-be-announced event likely to be held in Chicago.

12/22/08 11:37:11AM
This should be a good fight. Bowles is a gamer, but Torres seems to be on another level than everyone else. I say it goes to R2 or R3 then Torres gets the tko.
12/22/08 12:18:49PM
i agree..i think it will make for a great gonna give it to torres though...r2 sub, but bowles is very strong for that class so itll be interesting to see how he can handle torres
12/22/08 12:26:39PM
How many people will Torrest have to plow through in the BW division before he gets a fight with Kid or Imanari?

Answer: A lot
12/22/08 12:27:57PM
Bowles is taking the strap. You heard it here first.
12/22/08 1:19:31PM
I don't see where Bowles will be able to beat Torres, I really believe Torres will hold that belt for a very long time.
12/23/08 2:37:00AM
i really think torres will have his hands full
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