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2/22/09 8:13:24PM
Well I have been looking at these for a little while now. Im your typical new dad who has put on the weight, and got lazy as its work and my daughter. Now that I am able to get a little more free time, i have considered purchasing one of these and getting back into my old military shape.

I am curious anyone own one of these or try one? I am moving again into a smaller place, and from what I have seen, even with the newer ones they look big. They also look a little confusing.

Anyone got anything to help me make a decision on?.


2/22/09 11:08:53PM
i got one and im seeing results . i look better, i feel better , my wife gives me that little wink ever now and then .
2/22/09 11:12:30PM
By buddies mom had one and I used once or twice. It was easy to use but nothing special. If you bought a simpler weight set you could easily achieve the same results and save money. As far as how much space it takes up is about the same as a normal bench press set but taller. I have always thought It is more about getting into a routine of working out rather then the equipment you have. Nothing is worse than having a thousand dollar piece of equipment not being used. I hope I was of some help.
2/23/09 1:31:16AM
I've used one and they definately do work, like decken said above me about a simpler system is true but there is one reason I would definately reccomend the bowflex to you:

You said your a new dad, and this might not concern you but you won't have to worry about a bunch of heavy free weights laying around for your lil' ones to get around. Just think about em swingin around on a racked up bench press

I've had a few shoulder injuries and it is a bit easier on them with the bowflex over free wieghts but its really up to you. Also sometimes you can find one used and pick them up for dirt cheap, I bought mine from a guy who was moving and didnt want the hassle for 200 bucks almost brand new
2/23/09 1:35:08AM
They are definitely not confusing. Take up a bit of room if u are moving into a smaller place consider it. Very convenient if u use it.

good steal on the 200 buck cuz it is worth way more
2/23/09 2:03:42PM
I used it before but I really prefer free weights. But to each their own...It also all depends on what your trying to do. If your looking to just get in shape then free weights and a bench that are a lot cheaper will work just fine. It also depends on the space you have. For the price of the new bowflex you could get free weights a nice bench and a treadmill.
2/23/09 4:52:02PM
for me i gotta go to the gym, if i try to work out at home i just put it off.
2/23/09 5:27:55PM
I find home gyms become casual excercise, while a gym membership kind of motivates people to keep up with a routine, mostly because people hate to feel like they're spending money monthly on something they're not doing.

I've used one before and I like it. I like that it evenly distributes the weight to your left and right limbs. I found myself pushing the weight up easilly enough with my right arm, while my left arm would frequently be left in the dust--struggling to put up its half.

There is a cheaper alternative I've seen before called the CrossBow. So that might be another viable option.

Even when people sell thm used they're typically pretty expensive. Two hundred is a steal. More often than not even used ones are sold for like $500 and above.

Personally I'm more of a free weight guy. I think machine weight is great for getting cut, but you don't get the power and bulk you would get from free weights.
2/23/09 5:53:46PM
I have owned one, and meh I didn't really like it. Maybe its cause I have used free weights for 10 years prior, and find bow flex a bit easy. Really if you bench 200 free weight, it seems like you can do 300 bow-flex. Just seems like all the "extra muscles" that are being used in free weights really never get touched / used while using the bow-flex. I also agree about bow-flex for being cut up, or it seems to be that way.
2/23/09 10:36:04PM
Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. Seems to me like buying some equipment rather then spending the big bucks is the way to go. I am looking to get into good shape, not looking to be a body builder so i think this makes sense to go cheaper.

Thanks again