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7/10/07 12:43:44AM
I just bought a new car today

Its a 2001 Maxima GLE. Sorry for the shitty pics, I took these with my camera phone on lunch today.

Its got all the goodies....heated leather, Bose stereo, moonroof etc. I'm pretty stoked, its a blast to drive. I would have rather gotten an 04+, but I don't have the cash for something like that.
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7/10/07 1:17:47AM
what kind of camera is that, cuz those are pretty decent pics!

i'm gonna get a new car too hopefully.. im thinkin of the new nissan altima coupe
7/10/07 1:47:47AM
its the Samsung Sync phone. Its a 2 megapixel I think. My Fuji 5.2 takes better pictures but for a camera phone the Sync is pretty badass.

The Altima coupe is a nice, nice ride. I used to sell Nissans a few years back, so when I saw this Maxima come up for sale I couldn't pass it up.
7/10/07 9:42:11AM
is it a 6-speed? cause i love those manual maximas. still a sweet car if its an auto box though. congrats
7/10/07 9:43:56AM
wait my bad i think the 6-speed only came on the SE, thats what i get for posting before i think. way to go though i like it.
7/10/07 9:44:57AM
Bose stereo!

Ive got some Bose stuff in the house, my dad love audio equipment so we've got like 5.1 stereo allover the house and shiz, Ive gotta say though, Bose is amazing. They use tiny speakers, but have loads of reverb pipes in them, which makes them really loud, and the bass response is amazing. Ive only got a Bose Stereo, so I dont know what their subwoofers are like, but I bet they are pretty good.

I want a Funktion1 set up for my bedroom, so I can listen to my DnB in style

At the moment, I just have a Creative 4 speaker Set up and a Creative Subwoofer

Awesome car btw!
7/10/07 11:02:55AM
thanks guys, I'm loving it so far. It's an auto but still a blast.
7/10/07 12:59:44PM

Posted by ButterBalls

thanks guys, I'm loving it so far. It's an auto but still a blast.

I know how you feel..

I felt the same way when i got my 2000 Monte Carlo 3 years ago.....Its still in tip top shape,and i share it with my brother,so he lets me use his 1999 Ford F-150 Sport edition (those are the only Ford style trucks i liked from that year)

So its pretty cool cuz its like i have 2 vehicles......I really want an SUV now
7/10/07 3:47:14PM
Good for you man, but damn I hate white. That'd be so slick in a black or emerald.
7/10/07 5:19:22PM
nice cell phone pics.Nice ride to.
7/10/07 10:09:53PM

Posted by Ydoc

Good for you man, but damn I hate white. That'd be so slick in a black or emerald.

If they had black available I would have been all over it, but alas, the used car factory was all sold out
7/11/07 1:49:32AM
White is just need to put some dark window tint on it
7/16/07 9:41:54PM
Throw some d's on that bitch. I love Nissans first car was a 95 maxima now i drve a 06 altima, ill never drive anything but a nissan the rest of my life. (Infinitis are cool too, owned by nissan)
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