UFC boss White confirms Matt Mitrione turned down Strikeforce fight with Daniel Cormier

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10/2/12 4:37:13PM

Posted by george112

Posted by jlock003

Mark hunt is still nursing an injury. The Werdum option is the most logical but all the talk about the competition is funny to me. A lot of people on here (I'm not looking to see if it's any of you arguing that meathead is too far down the line) were begging for Arlovski to step in and take the fight. I think it would be a terrible idea for Mitrione to take the fight but I also heard him on the mma hour talking about being willing to fight anybody and I also see the hypocrisy there. I like AA but as far as being ranked right now....AA has dropped off of the radar. Bigfoot is way overrated IMO and I can't see how a win over Bigfoot trumps Mitrione's opponents at all and please don't give me that victory of the legend Fedor stuff. I'm not getting into that conversation again. Bigfoot's most impressive win was over a guy who got demolished in his last 3 fights against decent competition and he's been KO"d back to back against top level competition. He's not that good.

All that being said Cormier looked stellar against Barnett who was by far the toughest test of his career and Barnett is certainly greater than any of Meathead's previous opponents, but he's also Cormier's only real test up to this point. Monson has been on the Travis Fulton route for years now and Bigfoot, as I stated earlier, is unproven at best. I feel like Cormier would demolish meathead and that's the biggest reason I don't think he should've taken the fight, but it's not like Cormier has been running through top level competition. A win over Mir was perfect for him and would have put him directly into the mix when he got to the big leagues. The only way to salvage that opportunity for him now is the make the Werdum fight happen or just exercise some parent company power and nix that stupid contract extension and tell showtime to get over it. I'm thinking the Werdum option is a greater possibility.

Until Barnett gets into the UFC and faces some real heavyweights I say he's the one that's overrated.

Barnett's beaten a lot better names than say Struve who Dana thinks is top 10...
10/3/12 8:51:44AM
Bad move by Mittrione. Cormier is a U.S. Olympian who has been a feature on two cable stations--Showtime and NuvoTV (with Fight Factory). I think this would be Mittrione's biggest fight, not just in the quality of the opponent, but also in the exposure he would receive. Mittrione might still be working on his game, but so is Cormier. IMO the time to fight Cormier is right now--while he is still working on the holes in his striking game (and presumably sub game) and while he has an undefeated record and a lot of hype. In two years he might have a loss on his record but actually be a more complete fighter. Obviously a lot of UFC HWs don't see that opportunity the same way.
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