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2/7/08 12:07:15AM
Thought this was pretty cool, good for him!

Owned Entertainment Hires MMA Highlight Fan Favorite Boondock To Do Fight Scene Editing Work for ‘Owned’ Movie

(PressMediaWire) AUSTIN, Texas -- Owned Entertainment, Inc. announced today that the talented MMA highlight editor Boondock has been hired to do fight scene editing work for the MMA movie ‘Owned.’ Boondock is well known in MMA circles for his editing mash ups and highlight reels, especially his ‘Hurt’ and ‘Furious Angels’ highlights. His work may be viewed at
2/7/08 9:30:22AM
That's fantastic... Good for him
2/7/08 9:35:29AM
excellent, hes kind of a cult figure in the online MMA community
2/7/08 10:24:51AM
Wow grats boondock
2/7/08 11:53:12AM
yeah i saw this on one of his myspace bulletins...

should be awesome
2/7/08 12:37:32PM
The list of fighters involved in making the movie is impressive too ( Dean Lister, Jason Mayhem Miller, Cung Le, Shonie Carter, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua. ).
2/23/08 12:37:29PM
JTTT, Props to Boon. He has done what very few of us ever will. He's been "discovered" based on work he did in his spare time. So glad to see such good things happening to such a good guy.
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