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8/14/08 4:18:42AM
How would you book the super bowl of the UFC? Its been rumored to be four hours this year instead of three, so with two title fights I see 6 matches and a swing bout.

MMAWeekly lists the following:

BJ Penn vs. George St Piere
Frank Mir vs. Minotaro Nogueria
Wanderlai Silva vs. TBA

Filling in the blanks the following would be my card:

BJ Penn vs. George St Piere
Frank Mir vs. Minotaro Nogueria
Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra
Wanderlai Silva vs. Quinton Jackson
Brock Lesnar vs. Cheik Kongo
Shogun Rua vs. Mark Coleman

Swing Bout: Rich Clemente vs. Rob Emmerson
8/14/08 4:34:44AM
There are only 2 fights on here that I disagree with, Shogun/Coleman, and Wandy/Rampage(as much as I would love to see it)

Shogun/Rampage 2 is already in the works, and Wandy is supposedly facing an unnamed oppent as of right now(i think it will be Bonnar 4 sum reason)

Other than that, I have my issues with Penn/GSP, moreso with Penn but thats another issue cause I would still wanna see that fight.
8/14/08 12:04:40PM
no nate vs danzig, no gsp vs bj, no shogun vs coleman, no wandy vs rampage, no lesnar vs kongo
i dont see those fights taking place, im not saying some of these guys wont fight on the card but those match ups wont happen

also its rich clementi not chris, just so you know

only one i know is mir vs big nog.
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