Just booked another massive interview

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2/6/13 4:06:13PM
Most of you will know that this week I interviewed Bruce Buffer, Ive juct booked another great interview for next Friday.

If any one has any questions they would like me to ask him then let me know.

The interview is with top UFC WW (manys true no 1 contender)

Johny Hendricks
2/6/13 4:23:29PM
the obvious, what's it like being ranked as the #1 contender in the UFCs new rankings, but still having to win one more fight to get a title shot?

also, my fav question to ask a fighter:

does he prefer to have sex or to abstain from sex before a fight?

2/6/13 4:23:34PM
WOW! Thats awesome. Congrats Rabi
2/6/13 4:33:34PM
2/6/13 4:37:37PM

Posted by shaneTpain

I forgot about Jon shooting on Steve. classic.
2/6/13 4:55:44PM
how does it feel to have insane power flowing through you! can you feel it in your blood!

how long does it take to keep that beard awesome, how often trimmed, how long did it take to grow at first, is that the secret to being the best WW in the world..... and yes i mean that :P

and tell us what you will do when you finally beat GSP/Diaz for the title.
2/6/13 5:16:55PM
Ask him why he didnt put on a more impressive show against everyone he hasnt knocked out in 45 seconds
2/6/13 8:19:55PM
Ask him what he thinks of Tyrone Woodley
2/6/13 9:32:04PM
Awesome Rabi! That's a HUGE get!
2/6/13 9:55:52PM
Tell him we all know he is the true contender
And the playground is behind him to get that win and his title shot.

Huge props.
2/6/13 10:04:58PM
Wow. Big time interview. Ask him straight up, does he think he has the td defense to stop GSP? Does he feel it's improved since the Story fight? Could he make 155 and, if so, would he ever be willing to fight there? If he beats Ellenberger does he expect a title shot... even with the Rory/Condit matchup?
2/7/13 12:27:07AM
thats a hell of an interniew. thats a big score rabi, its cool to see you climbing the ladder
2/7/13 1:35:41AM
Does his beard hold the same legendary powers of Chuck Norris'?