Why all the Boo's at 94?

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2/1/09 7:52:30AM
I thought alot of the boo's were uncalled for for the most part we saw alot of technical work in the clinch and on the ground. To me it was perfectly fine but obviously they were bored with the amount or lack there of of action.

I just hope the crowds don't start expecting KO's all the time like most of the old Elite XC crowds. Who in my opinion seemed to boo at any fighter that wasn't fighting to knock the other fighter out with every punch.

Did anyone else notice this? And was it called for in your opinion?
2/1/09 7:56:42AM
I disagree, the Guida vs Diaz fight was primarily grappling and there was excittement. next a judo fight between Karo and Ding Dong and there was a ton of excitement in another primarily grappling fight.
2/1/09 8:06:43AM

Posted by seanfu

I disagree, the Guida vs Diaz fight was primarily grappling and there was excittement. next a judo fight between Karo and Ding Dong and there was a ton of excitement in another primarily grappling fight.

I agree about the action but people were still booing
2/1/09 8:18:05AM

Why all the Boo's at 94?

people always boo at UFC fights when the action slows, why are u surprised

altho at least there getting educated on the sport like when BJ got back to guard and the crowd cheered
2/1/09 9:09:52AM
UFC 94: Split Decision or Ultimate Takedown Championships lol
2/1/09 10:01:56AM
It was wild a rather tech. fight between Karo and Kim and they boo but Clay Guida dose the same thing he always dose go fast let his hair fly around then LNP and they don't boo one time.
2/1/09 10:56:39AM

Why all the Boo's at 94?

That was all the people who bet money on Bonnar, Wilson, Penn and Silva
2/1/09 11:18:21AM
It entails a healthy mix of the drunk and the ignorant, or people who dont know anything about mma and simply boo when theres no big KOs or subs for five minutes. I dont get why people boo split decisions, its the judges who make them, not the fighters.
2/1/09 11:28:19AM
Okay, I can honestly say I have no idea why they were booing most of the Karo/Dong fight. There were some boring spots but an alright fight over all. Some of the Judo throws Karo was doing were great. But, the Guida/Diaz fight they had a right to boo. I seriously cannot say that fight was at all exciting. It wasn't even remotely good. To watch a guy hold onto another fighters back for 3 rounds because the other guy is superior to him is just ridicoulos. And to get a win out of it was even more ridicoulous.

I would have scored the first round 10-9 for Guida because he actually did some stuff to get the round. The second round I would have gave to Diaz 10-9. He controlled the stand up and got up imdiatally after Guida would take him down. Guida did no damgage to Diaz at all in that round. The the 3rd round went to Diaz 10-9 also. He was picking Guida apart and Guida just held on to his back and did absoultely nothing.

I have to say I am really dissapointed in that fight. I think that fight also got co-fight of the night honors. If im not mistaken. How did that happen?
2/1/09 11:33:26AM
LOL, how is holding dominant position on someone a testament to how they are better than you? If they're better shouldn't they be able to be the one controlling the position?

Nate has rangy standup and a dangerous guard, but it's obvious the rest of his game needs a lot of work. Most notably wrestling. It wasn't pretty in a lot of people's eyes, but for those of us who know and love wrestling it was very entertaining. He worked the high crotch and at one point he even used a 3/4 nelson then a full nelson to control Diaz.

Like I said- if you're clearly the better fighter shouldn't you be able to control where the fight happens?

As for Karo vs. DHK- I think DHK got robbed, but hey, I'm not a judge. It was awesome seeing a chess match like that between two judokas. Again, I think it's something the average fan has little understanding of. One tiny little mistake in leverage against either one of those guys and you're going to be flying through the air and onto your head. I thought it was a great battle and screw the boos
2/1/09 11:39:24AM
some of these fights were underwhelming IMO. Karo vs Hyun should have been stood up/restarted a few times. Don't agree with the decision (niether did Karo by the look of it). I was expecting fireworks form Diaz but all I got was sparklers.
Bonnar vs Jones surpassed all expectations. Jones looked VERY impressive.
2/1/09 11:51:33AM
I was disapointed last night, I thought there was gonna be a lot faster paced action, good event, I'm not saying it wasn't, I thought there was gonna be some faster action though.
2/1/09 1:49:31PM
All the boo's were from the drunk fans that want to see subs or ko'. I think it was good match making when you have that many competative fights rather than blow outs. Unfortunately some of them looked like stalemates.
2/1/09 1:55:59PM
It was in the US, what do you expect? I'd like to see some recorded applause and cheers like in sitcoms, that get played everytime the crowd begins to boo.
2/1/09 2:12:21PM
I just finished watching, i thought it was boring...but i hate wrestling.
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