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3/25/11 10:36:45AM
Jon Jones was on Leno last night and in case you missed it here's the link:

3/25/11 10:58:59AM
Hes a good guy got a ton going for him right now.
3/25/11 12:41:01PM
Its really good for the sport of MMA to have a representative like Jones. He has such a bright future ahead of him!
3/25/11 1:37:13PM
I've found something I don't like about Jones....his shirt/tie combination.
3/25/11 1:46:34PM
did he talk about god?
3/25/11 2:26:12PM
I don't really think Jones is that much of a good guy. His humility seems fake, and it feels as though he's trying to give the fans what he thinks they want to see, and that's humility.

Here's something about it I read on Bloodyelbow and fully agree with.

"If you look at the top draws in the history of this sport one thing stands out: besides Georges St. Pierre, none have been wholesome good guys. That's the model the UFC is pushing for Jones. He's constantly telling us how humble he is. Commentators can't get enough of how clean cut and articulate his interviews are. If he talks trash on Twitter, breaks up a united team, or changes management multiple times in a brief career - hey, he's just young and still learning.

What's interesting about the insistence that Jones is the good guy, when all signs point to the opposite being true, is that the "good guy" just doesn't work in MMA. Fans are watching cage fighting, not auditioning a guy to date their sister. They want violence, testosterone, anger and fear. From Ken Shamrock, to Tito Ortiz, to Chuck Liddell, to Brock Lesnar, the top historical draws have been bad boys, men with an edge. St. Pierre stands alone as the exception (and part of his box office appeal involves his intensely partisan Canadian fans).

Every other lovable, apple pie eating hero who has been pushed to the moon by the UFC brass has failed to make a huge dent. American hero Randy Couture has been an average draw. School teacher Rich Franklin hasn't even hit average - he's the pay per view Mendoza line. Matt Hughes, when he played the humble farm boy, performed so poorly at the box office that Lorenzo Fertitta considered selling the company."

Here's the full article if your interested on reading:

Three Things You Need To Be A UFC Star: Does Jon Jones Have Them?
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