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5/1/08 4:46:39PM
Bone Thugs is pretty much my favorite rap group. Their fast pace delivery of their raps are amazing. any of you like them? what are some of your favorite songs? My all time favorite is "1st of Tha Month." I like other hits such as "Thug Luv," "Look Into My Eyes," "Mo Murda," & "Thuggish Ruggish Bone."
5/1/08 4:53:35PM
i liked their first 3 albums

Faces of Death i think.
The 2nd one- with thuggish ruggish
then the Eternal 1999 album or whatever it was called.
5/1/08 5:00:17PM
I am

CrossRoads is one of my all time Favs from them. also
*Change the World
*take me home Ft Phil collins
*why do i stay high

also like alot of solo songs of Krayzie (ak-47) and Bizzy(thugs cry, nobody can stop me)

EDIT: also how can i forget, Flow Motion
5/1/08 5:59:19PM
They are very good but I like cypress hill a little bit more.
5/1/08 6:09:27PM

Posted by juanez13

I am

CrossRoads is one of my all time Favs from them. also
*Change the World
*take me home Ft Phil collins
*why do i stay high

also like alot of solo songs of Krayzie (ak-47) and Bizzy(thugs cry, nobody can stop me)

EDIT: also how can i forget, Flow Motion

Flowmotion is awesome too. The old school and the Flowmotion 2 are great songs.
5/1/08 8:02:06PM
love em, thier from me.

Notorious Thugs
1st of the Month
Weed Song
Thugs Cry
Foe the Love of $
Look Into My Eyes
Cleveland is the City

my top order
5/1/08 10:01:23PM
Kinda a fan but I did meet Wish Bone at a KFC with one of his kids.
5/1/08 11:36:17PM
Vege in my fightcamp is obsessed with them. He even has all of thier solo albums
5/1/08 11:53:55PM
Yeah, they're pretty good.
5/2/08 1:23:18AM
they are my favorite rap group too. i think eternal 1999 was a classic album and one of their best. they were on sirius satellite radio saying they are trying to come back together.
5/2/08 1:55:14AM
Definatly one of, if not the best rap group ever. I think D-12 and The St. Lunatics are pretty high up there too. But yea, the whole Mo Thugs clique was tight. Some of, but not all of my favorites are.......

Layzie Bone and his son Jeremy - The Backyard

Mo Thugs - Ghetto Cowboy

Bone Thugs - No Surrender

Bone Thugs - Mo Murda

Bone Thugs - Budsmokers Only

Bizzy Bone - Fried Day

Bone Thugs - Down 71 - The Getaway

Bone Thugs - Mr. Bill Collector

Bone Thugs ft. 2pac - Thug Luv

Bone Thugs - P.O.D.

LOL. I might of went a little crazy with the links, but there's a ton more that are great. Good call p.

1 more.....Krazie had this little group he tried to put out. They were pretty crazy.
Krayzie Bone Presents - Kneight Riduz - Kneight Riduz Wuz He
5/2/08 8:47:53AM
yreh if i had to pick a rap group i would choose em, i like most of their stuff but my favourites are probably 1st of tha month and shotz to the double glock, i actually got into them because of a fight clip lol. There was this mad fight clip ages go that had some of shots to the double glock in it and i thought it was pretty sweet, so i did some research and ened up downloading alot of their stuff.
5/2/08 8:57:50AM
Yeah I like them
5/2/08 9:09:26AM
i like alot of their stuff but

ghetto cowboy

crossorads............are my two favorites
5/3/08 2:13:50PM
I don't really dig Bone, but they are from cleveland and I will defend them and support them till I die.

Crazy Bone's my BOY,

Bone's ok, they ain't no Ice Cube, BUT Ice Cube ain't from cleveland.

5/6/08 7:13:58PM
I like CB4. "Straight outta Locash" is a great song. MC Gusto, Dead Mike and Stab-Master Arsen are the true kings of rap.
5/6/08 7:16:40PM
Yeah CB4 is $$$$$. At least somebody knows music! Sweat from my Balls!
5/6/08 8:58:22PM
dang i saw this thread for the first time while i was listenin to Flow Motion

Weird..but yea i like their stuff
5/6/08 10:41:30PM
i'v liked since i was a little kid, im from Compton and Eazy-E brought them into the mainstream rap game.

some of my favorites:

Crossroads (most of the E99 album)
Notorious Thugs
Thug Luv
If i could teach the world
Family Tree
Days of our Live

cant think right now but i know theres more i just cant remember right now...

5/14/08 2:42:56PM
i like them too... i went to the same school the went lincoln-west high
5/14/08 11:47:26PM
im a huge fan . got every track realeased by them . smokin buddah krayzie bone anyone?
5/15/08 2:36:11AM
Bone Thugs are cool just as long as they aint teaming up with piop singers.
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