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7/12/07 11:01:06AM
Lately i've been extremely confused as to what type of strength & conditioning training to do for MMA. I've been training for about 6 months now and I seem to switch my routines a lot between bodyweight/plyo & free weights. Im considering going back to a good bodyweight/plyo routine. I know quite a few exercises for these but I know some people out there have some that I could add to my routine to enhance my results, any input on this?
7/12/07 11:50:26AM
you said you know a lot of them, could you share some of them because I am also trying to put together a bodyweight/plyo workout and i need all the ideas I can get

7/12/07 1:25:04PM
The ones I have used in the past were different pushup variations(wide,close,plyo,handstand etc..) Pullups & chinups, Single leg squats & squat thrusts, dips & bench dips, Burpees w.pushup. These are the main ones im probably missing a couple. I would also do a triset or superset utilizing these exercises
ex. 8 pullups, 8 plyo pushups, 8 chinups. (all as one set without rest)
7/12/07 6:24:15PM
Try some pedastles and box jumps
7/12/07 7:41:48PM
dub try following a workout regiment that matches your physique. for example, i am 6'3 and 188 lbs. for months i tried getting to like 200 and it about killed my digestive tract. now, i follow a regiment more suited to me, which is an intense circuit training method. if you have the ability to pack on the pounds you might wanna try supersets. personally, the circuit training is great for a lean guy like me, my cardio is insane and lean mass feels alot better to me than bulk. you should try running hills and maybe think about putting some sand in a backpack and running with that. box jumps and backboard touches are nice too. commando crawls are a great pushup exercise, maybe you should throw those at the end of your workout.
7/12/07 9:27:39PM
Im a natural lightweight at 5'9 it wouldnt make sence to go up to a higher weight class. I am already fairly strong for my size, I can overpower all of the people I sparred with in my weight class and even some bigger guys. Im not looking to get mass or poundage nor lose it, Im trying to become a stronger, quicker, in shape 155 pounder. Im already currently biking to a nearby trail in the woods where I can sprint up the hills and scramble up the side of the slopes, basic stuff like that.
7/12/07 9:44:15PM
Do a google search on plyometrics and you should come up with lots of detailed stuff. I've been doing strictly plyo for 6 months now and that's how I got started.
7/12/07 10:51:45PM
Bodyweight and plyometrics are great for MMA fighters. Don't count out strength training with weights though. I believe that lifts such as cleans, squats, and deadlifts are great for MMA. It really helps with explosive power, quickness, overall strength. I would try to work these into your routine as well. I don't know how much experience you have with them, but if you don't have much then make sure you get the technique down first as it is easy to injure yourself with these movements. You will definitely benefit by adding these into your training though.. And once you master those, you can also incorporate jerks, clean and jerks, snatch, etc to help with your explosiveness. Just my .02..
7/14/07 3:30:33PM
I am the Head wrestling Coach at Plymouth State University. Where I have coached in the past we have done a lot of in room circuits. Here are 2 great circuits. What you need is a few plates, 2 dumbbells, bungees, punching bag, and medicine balls. You can easily add in other exercises with the eqipment you have . These are two separate circuits. Generally you do 45sec on each station. Rests are built in. The main thing is to build your cardio by shocking your body at different angles for each muscle. Send me a message if you have any questions.

Circuit A
1 Pull Ups
2 Bungee Snap down
3 Bungee Row
4 25lb OVDH Tri Ext
5 Bungee Curl
6 Put on Leg Band
7 Leg Band Circle
8 Leg Band Down Block
9 Leg Band Shuffle
10 Rest
11 35lb Curl
12 35lb Chest Press
13 25lb Disc Shuffle
14 Push ups
15 Mat Jump
16 Rest
17 Medicine Ball Stand Up
18 Medicine Ball Side Throw
19 Dummy Stand Up for partner (Punching bag works)
20 Dummy Lift + Dump
21 Rest
22 EZ Curl Front Raise
23 DB Curl
24 Line Jump
Side to Side
25 Rest
26 Line Jump Forward/backward
27 10 lb Front Raise
28 Sit Up
29 45 lb Bent Row
30 Water

Circuit B
1Pull Ups
2 Bungee Pull downs (Sit on But)
3 Bungee Chest Press
4 25lb Side to Side Disc to Chest
5 Bungee Curl
6 Put on Leg Band
7 Leg Band Side Lunge
8 Leg Band Front Lunge
9 Leg Band Shuffle
10 Rest
11 35lb Chest Press
12 35lb Bending Disc Shuffle
13 Jumping Knee to Chest
14 Close Grip Push ups
15 Mat Jump
16 Rest
17 Medicine Ball Spike
18 Medicine Ball with rope swing Wall to Wall
19 Jump Side to Side Knees in Air
20 Jump Forward/Backward High Knees
21 Rest
22 EZ Curl Military Press
23 Hammer DB Curl
24 25lb Disc Shuffle
25 Rest
26 Cleans Long Bar Light weight
27 10 lb Side Raise
28 Rope Medicine Ball Spike
29 45 lb Bent Row
30 Water
7/16/07 4:41:30AM
Bodyweight exercises are great, the best way to develop functional strength (unlike useless weightlifts like the bench), and increase actual muscle density (great fast twitch muscle fiber count).

To get started -

Pushups (hands at your waist, facing your feet)
Handstand pushups
Leg Lifts (hanging from a bar)

Intermediate -

Muscle Ups (pull-up into a dip)
Clap pullups (also switching grip from under to over)
Clap dips
Tuck Pushups (hands at waist, knees tucked in, not touching floor)
Clap Handstand Pushups
Leg Lifts (hanging from bar)
One-Legged Squats and Jumping Squats

Advanced (might take over a year to achieve)

Muscle Ups
One-arm pullups
Ballistic Dips ("jumping" at the top of the dip, can also add a 1/2 turn)
No-footed pushups (hands at waist, knees straight)
One-Handed handstand pushups
Leg Lifts (hanging from bar with one arm)
One-Legged Jumping Squats (can also add a spin)

Follow this and you will become as strong and explosive as you possibly can, all without weights (your joints will thank you later). Add at least an hour of jump-roping a day, and you are all set to become a fitness machine.