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8/1/07 12:10:55PM
Do they work.
8/1/07 5:16:50PM
From what I hear some work and others don't. I used to take protein shakes, but if I use them I don't feel a difference at all. Plus protein shakes are made with the cheapest ingredients and have artificial sweetner in them and all that other crap which is horrible for you.
8/8/07 8:24:56PM
I mix a scoop of Optimum Nutrition Whey with dry milk powder. Post workout with a banana. Works great, always improving. If you want to drop alot of weight you should probably stick to whole food.
8/11/07 6:20:10PM
When i get back from working out at like 10 and there is no food to eat, i will drink a protein shake but i do not make them a habit.
8/11/07 9:14:29PM
Yeah, they work. Are they necessary, no. I drink one a day, post workout just so I can fill up the rest of my diet. Eating "real foods" I'm about 35-40gs of protein short of what I'd like to consume on a workout day, so I just mix up a double scoop with a banana and and a cup of milk to make up for it.

Some people go completely overboard with these. Drinking 2 or 3 of these a day is a little dumb IMO.
8/11/07 10:49:30PM
of course they work, after working out u body needs to eat and they are the easiest way to go.
8/20/07 11:58:11AM
I use protein shakes when I go go through my vegatarian phases.I feel they do work.
8/20/07 6:03:56PM
There are so many out there that it's hard to weed through the B.S. but here's a quick run down of some of the pros/cons

First of all- there's no replacement for real food. None, never will be, never has been. If gaining weight is your goal then you need to eat real food, and lots of it.

Pros- cheap way to fill up easy protein points in your diet.

If you're needing some calories for weight gaining then a lot of weight gainer protein shakes have all the calories you need. If you're real skinny and don't mind the extra calories, go for it!

They're excellent for a post workout protein rush to your muscles. Being in powder form they're easy for your body to assimilate and you can take advantage of the power hour after your workout by choking one down.

Cons- There's a lot of things in protein shakes that some people want to stay away from. Mainly high carbs, high sodium, and often times high calories.

If you drink a lot of them, you will be taking a lot of shits.

Feeling bloated after drinking one

There are many other factors that go into this equation, but we won't discuss those right now. I'd say they're a good supplement to your diet if done in moderation, but nowhere near a meal replacement. I've always been a fan of actually taking them (never more than 1 or 2 a day) but then again, I'm naturally a small guy who likes to build on size. If you look at their cost vs. eating that amount of food they're not a bad way to go. Just remember- THEY ARE NO REPLACEMENT!!
8/21/07 12:49:13AM
It isn't a matter of them working. They definitely have protein in them. Your body needs protein to build muscle. If you don't get enough protein in your diet then drink a shake or two. Obviously protein is like every other vitamin or mineral. Getting it from a food is better than taking a supplement. If you decide to go with the shakes you need to implement them according to your day and diet. I only drink them when I don't feel like breakfast or days I didn't eat to much meat.
8/22/07 4:40:19PM
Sure , protein shakes are good for you. Your muscles need protein after a good workout, but if you eat a high protein diet, the shakes are not needed
8/26/07 6:57:27PM
Depends on how you use them
they're called supplements for a reason.....that being their supposed to be supplements to an already healthy diet....if you're not eating're pretty much screwed now...what they do is provide extra protein/calories to a diet........and their easy to digest....also a good thing if you're just finishing a workout and your body is craving protein(as it will when you just finish working out) a protein shake is more readily taken in than say a steak(cheaper too).....You should theoretically be having one about 1/2 an hour before you workout, right after you workout and right before you go to bed.....the bed one being optional but....look at it this way, your body grows most when asleep(NOT at the gym, you break it down at the gym) so by giving it something like a protein shake(preferably one with casein, as it takes longer to break down) before bed is a good thing as your not allowing your metabolism to slow down very much overnight........they also come in handy when trying to have something to eat every 3 hours(as we should be, so our metabolisms dont slow)

And yes some of them are junk....on the other hand some of them are made out of quality ingredients....and are great
9/5/07 8:12:39PM
A whey shake and a banana after every workout.
9/6/07 4:53:32AM

Posted by Vendetta

A whey shake and a banana after every workout.

yeah whey protein is the one and only protein shake i will drink

it tasts good and has almost 30 grams of protein per serving

its a nice safe way to pack on some muscle or even to lose weight

i lost like 30 lbs drinking 5 protein shakes a day and a few small meals (shakes are very feeling)
9/6/07 8:00:10AM

Posted by Jackelope

Cons- There's a lot of things in protein shakes that some people want to stay away from. Mainly high carbs, high sodium, and often times high calories.

If you drink a lot of them, you will be taking a lot of shits.

Feeling bloated after drinking one

Generally the last two points are because they have a lot of lactose in them. Whey protein comes from milk.

Some powders have less lactose than others and if lactose bothers you then you should get one with a low lactose content. Trust me, I am mildly lactose intolerant and can only have a few select whey brands on the market without feeling like I am going to explode (or fart all day).

I liked Ultra Whey More - though it doesn't come in banana berry any more

Now I use New Zealand Iso Whey - It doesn't taste as 'good' as the former brand, but it is high quality and pretty low in lactose.

I take mine in two ways

1) 1.5 scoops in a coffee cup filled with water
2) in shake form: 2 scoops protein, 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 banana and few tbsp of flax oil. With lots of water

Take you shake with water and not milk or juice. Water doesn't have sugar in it and helps you absorb the protein faster/better.

It does help. When I take it my recovery time is less and my hair grows faster.