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12/29/07 8:23:12PM
Round 1
Bocek came out looking for a takedown from the sound of the bell. Bocek then threw a lazy headkick which was countered by Evans, who landed a left-right combo that buckled his opponent's knees. Several sprawls later, Bocek was able to secure a takedown and move to side-control, but he could do nothing with the position. 10-9 for Evans.

Round 2
Bocek starts the second frame much like the first, shooting for takedowns and getting stuffed by Evans. On his fourth attempt, Bocek swooped in and scored a double-leg takedown. Evans got back to his feet, only to be slammed hard back to the ground, where Bocek punished him with elbows from half-guard. As the round ended, Evans sported a cut over his left eye from Bocek's elbows. 10-9 for Bocek.

Round 3
Bocek got a single-leg takedown to kickoff the final frame. After several minutes of inactivity, referee Herb Dean stood the fighters up. Another takedown from Bocek followed. Evans looked briefly for a triangle and an armbar from the bottom but he could not mount any offense. Dean again stood the fighters up before time expired. 10-9 for Bocek. All three judges score the contest 29-28 for Mark Bocek.

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