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7/16/09 7:58:50PM
I know it kinda off topic but anyone feel Brock might be a bleeder and unfortunatly for him may take a tko loss do to a cut?
7/16/09 8:16:13PM
Battle of the WWE champs
7/16/09 8:31:32PM
UFC 125: Wrestlemania.

Posted by Jackelope

Lashley is a good example of a lot of the real reasons why people dislike Lesnar.

Here you have a guy who is coming up through the ranks, putting in his time and effort, and being humble in the process. Something Lesnar wasn't exactly known for. People put too much emphasis on the WWE stigma, IMO. Lashley is from the WWE, but you don't see people saying the things about him that they've said about Lesnar. It is about paying your dues and giving respect. Something Lesnar has not done, no matter what way you cut it.

Now, in saying that I'm not bashing Lesnar, I'm just pointing out facts. I think at this point we can say that Lesnar has more than proved he belongs in the UFC, but to all the people that think people hate Lesnar just because he's "from the WWE" those are some facts you may want to consider. Pay your dues, be humble, fight hard, and you will earn the fans' respect. WWE has nothing to deal with it in a lot of cases.

I basically agree with this. I actually think that Lashley will be better when he enters the UFC than Lesnar was when he did. With the Mir fight, Lesnar basically threw a powerful punch and then got sloppy with those short punches when he was in a position to finish the fight. (Lesnar now wouldn't let that happen.) I doubt Lashley's work with ATT would ever put him in that situation.

I don't know if Lashley will ever be as good as Lesnar can be, though.
7/16/09 8:52:02PM

Posted by McBee

Posted by AnDeRsonDaSiLvA

mcbee: lesnar never fought hongmanchoi .

what!? I am getting old who did he fight at Dynamite?

whoops who the crap is Min Soo Kim?! he beat Minowa

Well less credible argument by far, but it does not matter now that Brock has beat Mir and Couture, my bad I did not know there were so many HUGE asians............just kidding

You were not far off . Brock was scheduled to fight HMC at the dynamite usa show , but HMC couldn't get medically cleared .
7/16/09 9:17:56PM
Actually IMO I wouldnt mind seeing lashley KTFO of lesnar. He certainly is more humble and has more respect on stage than lesnar has.
7/17/09 1:34:43PM

Posted by KUTTER

Posted by McBee

the heavyweight division is different than any other division in as far as stregth and size go you can still have HUGE weight difference, Lesnar against Couture and CC is laughable because they are small HWs, this is the division where a Lesnar type characvter can do the biggest damage solely based off of physical attributes and great skill, can noob go into any other divison come in and get the belt right away, HELL NO

Now youve lost me... Your argument on Lashley was that he only beat sapp and thats no big deal basically..Then you say that Lesnar and CC laughable based on fact that CC is a small hw?!??? Have you never seen Sapp? Statements kind of conflicting. Based on fact you stated CC/Lesnar laughable being Lesnar has obvious advantage.Wouldnt you then be impressed with fact that Lashley beat Sapp being Sapp not only taller but bout 100lbs on him? Yes CC is a smaller HW, but so is Fedor. Yet you also confident Fedor would beat Lesnar?

Fedor is Fedor, Sapp is Sapp
7/17/09 6:41:47PM
Lashley's striking would need to improve 100% before he would have a chance IMO.
7/17/09 9:37:14PM
For whatever reason, i just do not see Lashley being anything in the UFC, where i just knew (and my friends hate me for it) Brock would be something, and eventually champion. He is Classy ill give him that. I would love to see him in the UFC against a top 10 to prove me wrong however, as i dont have this hate to WWE that other MMA purists have. Both are proven lets say "non fake" wrestlers (they need a new term other then "Sports entertainment"

As for Brock The guy is a machine. I would love to see Fedor vs Brock, everyone that thinks Fedor will own him ...but I would love to see a pro wrestler like Brock Challenge Fedor on his back (which is something i cant remember seeing) Im not saying Brock will slaughter Fedor im not a wacknut just saying it might not be as 1 sided as people think.
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