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10/4/11 9:48:07PM
Former pro wrestler turned MMA fighter Bobby Lashley has his next fight set. The former Strikeforce fighter will face Darrill Schoonover in the main event of a Shark Fights show on November 11. Schoonover is the reigning Shark Fights Heavyweight champion (though he has not defended the title since winning it in 2009), and the bout will be a title fight.

Bloody Elbow
10/4/11 11:36:06PM

actually i think he is going to get his ass kicked. he looked semi promising on the show, but then got beat handedly by McSweeney of all people, then loses his next 4 before beating a can. all Lashley needs is to have is better cardio and keep this fight on the ground
10/5/11 12:44:20AM
I've never cared enough about Lashley to comment about anything pertaining to him. Lashely will win this fight regardless if he gases or not. "Titties" will also gas and Lashley is stronger by a mile. Tko in the 1st for Bobby
10/5/11 2:32:15AM
10/5/11 6:47:31AM
Poor titties! Lashley gonna be all up in his cleavage.

Titties by motor boat round 1!
10/5/11 10:01:57AM
I thinl lashley will win. But both should gas out.
10/5/11 11:58:42AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I thinl lashley will win. But both should gas out.

This is going to be a sloppy, awful fight.
10/5/11 8:03:29PM
polar opposites in body shape
lashley will win easyyyy
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