Has anyone seen Bobby Z?

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10/17/07 2:08:46AM
Probably not. It was a Straight to DVD movie. Anyway everyone's favorite former LHW champion Chuck Liddell is in the opening credits (it's as far as I got, when I decided to tell you guys about it.), along with Big Tim Sylvia. Oh yeah, another big guy, Ben Rothwell is in the opening credit sequence as well. Could they all be friends? Could the movie have asked for two guys from the UFC, and one from the IFL, when they were casting? Don't know, but either way, all three are in it.

The IMDB.com page for it says Robbie Lawler, Rory Markham, and Pat Miletich are in it as well. I haven't seem them yet. The page does however not mention Ben Rothwell, so who knows. I saw him, he's in it, so they could've messed up on who was in it.

Edit: I found Robbie Lawler, and Rory Markham. They are ranch hands. A character makes a comment about getting 'your boys in line', and the ranch foreman says, "if you give me some more money, I wouldn't have to hire guys so dumb." Then it shows Robbie Lawler and Rory Markham.

Edit: Again. Here are pictures of Robbie Lawler and Rory Markham. Just thought it was too good to pass up. (I think one of them is Pat Miletich, but i'm not sure.)

Robbie and Rory together
Robbie on a horse
Rory behind who I think is Pat Miletich
Rory during the fight with Paul Walker

Both Robbie and Rory fight Paul Walker. Robbie flying knee's Paul, and Rory superman punches Paul, and Paul still beats them. Paul then goes on to fight the guy who I think is Pat Miletich, and I think caves his nose in.

Edit: I went and snapshotted every picture I could of the guys. Sorry for the name of the folder. I forgot that there was IFL guys and a ProElite guy in there too when I was naming it.

Grr. The folder's link won't work when it's in an active link on here, so if you want it, you'll have to copy and paste it into the browser.

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