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6/26/09 8:43:10AM
“[Bobby Lashley is] looking for a train wreck. I’m the train that’s going to wreck him. He’s expecting me to go three rounds … no. I’m going to knock him out. He’s looking for me? He’ll see me after I knock him out and he’s laying there looking up at me. Everybody’s going to see what ‘Ultimate Chaos’ means … me and Bobby Lashley.”

6/26/09 10:56:02AM
Is sapp going to wreck lashley like he wrecked his toilet?

6/26/09 1:25:19PM
When Lashley wins by TKO and im going to howl.
6/26/09 3:26:49PM
As long as i don't have to watch Sapp cry i don't care what happens..
6/27/09 9:09:22AM
Hahaha this fight is awesome. Sapp is gonna take it though.
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