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POLL: And the Winner is....
Bob Sapp 11% (3)
Mark Hunt 89% (24)
8/20/07 2:17:06PM
Who's gonna take this one?
I think that Hunt is gonna win by KO... Hunt needs to keep tight in with sapp, and sapp needs to have some distance if he wants to win...

Hunt will make Sapp see some stars....

ur predictions?
8/20/07 2:19:37PM
8/20/07 3:18:56PM
Of course Hunt is gonna win, with his chin and Sapps lack of skill and cardio. Sapp will be throwing bombs and Hunt will just eat them and smile, then 20 seconds into the first round when Sapp is completely gassed Hunt will lay the smackdown
8/20/07 3:41:28PM
it could be a fun 50 seconds until the inevitable gassing happens and hunt puts sapp to sleep.
8/20/07 4:57:04PM
It's great to see Hunt fighting again, but you'd think they could put something better together besides this... Hunt will destroy Bob Sapp and his NFL style
8/20/07 5:59:09PM
SAPP is going to sleep!! go hunt
8/20/07 6:47:29PM
I'm the only one who voted Sapp so far!

You guys forget, Sapp dispatched arguably the greatest kickboxer of all time - Ernesto Hoost....TWICE!!!

Hunt could never beat Hoost. I think Sapp can win...but of course so can Hunt.

55-45 Sapp. It's too hard to call Sapp fights, he "could" finish ANYONE, but when he gasses he usually can't do much.
8/20/07 7:20:41PM
Whats with all the Hunt threads lately? I miss the big guy too, but 2 in 2 days

Hoost is a small HW, Sapp is huge. Sapp's wins over Hoost wernt impressive.

Hoost uses game plans, he isnt an amazingly powerful striker (though his leg kicks are devastating), but he has great accuracy, and is great at analyising his opponents style and tactics and coming up with a great counter tactic to beat them. When he fought Le Banner, he used leg kicks to stop Le Banner mid punch, and uses body kicks to bruise his obliques, so that Le Banner couldnt throw power shots.

Sapp on the other hand, explodes out of the starting blocks, pushes people into the corner and pounds them before he gasses. Bonjasky beat Sapp by counterstriking and walking backwards, but having great ring awareness and keeping himself off the ropes and out of corners, and cutting sap down with long range shots. Hoost got caught with nowhere to run too many times, and Sapp made him pay. If Hoost had been able to move out as effectively as Bonjasky he would have won, but Sapp's wide physique makes getting out of the corner once you are in it nigh on impossible.

In conclusion, Sapp's wins over Hoost, imo, not impressive or relevant to Sapp's career, or Hoost's, since Hoost only ever lost like that to Sapp, and Sapp was never that successful with the tactic aside from Hoost.

Hunt on the other hand is quick for his size (unlike Sapp), has a good gas tank and a hard head. Sapp doesnt have the power to KO him, he would outlast Sapp then wreck him in round 2 and 3. Sapp, as most people who look into him realise, is poor. The Japanese fans love him though, because he is black, huge and willing to do all kinds of crazy adverts and endorsements. Massive novelty value. But a quality fighter? Nope, sorry.
8/20/07 8:07:23PM
If Hunt didn't go to sleep after Mirko's headkick (although he got dropped) I just don't see Bob Sapp generating the power to put him to sleep.

I see Sapp throwing everything he's got at Hunt but Hunt being able to take it. Sapp gasses, Hunt begins the punishment

8/20/07 9:05:41PM
sap beating hoost and hoost beating hunt is a perfect example of why mmath just doesnt work.
8/20/07 9:12:46PM
Hoost small HW!? 6'3" 240? He's a pretty big heavy. Looked like he dwarfed CC.

Why discredit Sapp? Sure he's not the best but he has accomplished what nearly no one could do in K1 by beating Hoost. He's also the only kickboxer aside from Schilt to EVER beat Hoost two times.

And Sapp almost killed Nog, the no.2 MMA ranked fighter and one of the best of all time.

Sapp just need more technical training and cardio. He'd be a total killing machine. And I would say he's as big a threat to Fedor as anyone else. If Fujita could rock him, imagine what Sapp could do.

And sure, Sapp gassing and Hunt going to work is very possible. As is Sapp pummeling Hunt with raw power into a TKO.

8/20/07 11:45:06PM
^^ It'd have to be done early, but you're right.. there is always that chance. One of the only reasons I'd lend any credit to Sapp in this fight is because Hunt's style isn't exactly one of jumping around and dodging. Which obviously helped Cro Cop out a lot. Hunt might get himself into trouble if he tries to back up Sapp just like he's tried to back up other fighters.

I just find it really hard to bet against Hunt unless we're talking ground fighters
8/21/07 12:13:15AM

Posted by Ultimate_fighter

Who's gonna take this one?
I think that Hunt is gonna win by KO... Hunt needs to keep tight in with sapp, and sapp needs to have some distance if he wants to win...

Hunt will make Sapp see some stars....

ur predictions?

Is this fight happening?

And is it K-1 rules or MMA?

K-1 rules Hunt by quick KO

MMA rules... that's a little different. In MMA rules this is a very bad matchup for Hunt, stylewise. Hunt does not move enough on his feet, he just relies on his hugeness to overpower TD attempts. Hunt is big, but not big enough to push off ole' Bobby. Sapp can take Hunt down at will, and we will get to see how Hunt's ground game is when he is fighting someone bigger...(never thought I'd say that.) Sure, Hunt could smash Sapp's face at any time. But as long as Sapp protects his head and bull-rushes, I see Sapp winning a decision.
8/21/07 1:10:15AM
I will just say 2 words LEG KICKS
8/21/07 3:43:05AM
Hunt via Sapp crying in fetal position
8/21/07 5:27:21AM

Posted by We_Todd_Did

Hunt via Sapp crying in fetal position

HAHA that genuinely made me laugh in real life!
8/21/07 5:34:03AM

Posted by sakurabaforever

Hoost small HW!? 6'3" 240? He's a pretty big heavy. Looked like he dwarfed CC.

Thats quite a size in MMA, but Hoost is outsized by the likes of Le Banner, Aerts, Schilt, Choi, Sapp and Hunt. Hoost just had that fighting head to beat most of them, bar Schilt. Schilt is pretty sloppy technically and aesthetically unpleasing to watch, he just wins by kneeing people in the chin all the time. I'll be gutted if he wins another GP.

And I personally discredit Sapp for his lack of consistency. Other people may have other reasons (blowing himself up on roids might be one) but when I look at his record, who has he beaten? Apart from Ernesto Hoost, the only name worth mentioning is Cyril Abidi, and even then, Cyril is only famous for taking part in fights with a lot of other "big name" competitors, but he never had Le Banner, Aerts, Hoost etc success. Cyril is a terrible, spiritless fighter, who only wins if he gets the upper hand right away. If he loses the first round he practically throws the fight, and when he takes punishment, he just drops his hands and turns away. Not really a huge victory for Sapp. However, Sapp has lost in just about every fight to a name, Bonjasky, Sefo, Choi, Musashi, Aerts and Cro Cop. Maybe if Sapp had wins over more quality opposition, and not just Hoost, I'd have more faith in him.
8/21/07 5:58:02AM
I don't think Hoost realized just how agrssive sapp was in their first fight. He fought him very early in sapps career and sapp has a very odd style for kickboxing. He's very hard to prepare for since it's hard to find 6'5 350lbs training partners. His bullrush technique is better suited for mma because if he knocks the man down he can follow up. I would love to see this fight though. I do think Hunt would win.
8/21/07 7:35:09AM
i didnt mean that hoost was small compared to you or me or event he average hw fighter. just that he is small compared to the two people being discussed.
8/21/07 9:20:09AM
Is this fight going to be under K-1 (kickboxing) or MMA rules?

I think Hunt wins a kickboxing match and loses an MMA match.
8/21/07 1:51:22PM

Posted by We_Todd_Did

Hunt via Sapp crying in fetal position

to funny i could see sap maybe winning but my moneys on hunt hes just the better fighter
8/21/07 2:00:22PM
Agreed. Mark Hunt is the better fighter, and Hoost is MUCH better then Sapp, but as has been proven, the better fighter doesn't always win.

And yes, Sapp is very inconsistent. But that level power is going to be hard to deal with no matter who you are.

And cmill that was a good explanation of the first fight between Hoost-Sapp, but what about the second

8/21/07 8:05:11PM
Hunt will lay the smack down 45 seconds into the fight leading to a crying Sapp on the ground........
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