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1/3/13 1:47:14PM arm wrestling. I'm not sure where/when this is from but I didn't see it until now. Looked like he nearly broke Hunt's forearm.
1/3/13 2:31:36PM
Final match is hilarious to me.
1/3/13 3:23:45PM
Good find
1/3/13 4:02:45PM
That was rather entertaining. I missed who the guy was who came out with the belt over his shoulder (the one who beat the gymnast). He looked like a kid but was toying with his competition until he got to Ubereem. Who was that dude?
1/4/13 1:24:26AM
That last guy cheated
1/6/13 4:27:13PM

Posted by hotrodttt

That last guy cheated

how did he cheat?..all u have to do is bring ur opponents hand down to the soon as it touches the rope u can let go of ur opponents hand..and thats exactly what he the replay closer and u can clearly see him bring Sapps hand down to the rope...
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