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10/1/12 6:38:56PM
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10/1/12 7:03:49PM
10/1/12 8:35:35PM
10/1/12 8:49:47PM
I hope to see you back more often, Josh. Not only do you bring some interesting viewpoints, but you brought myself and many other posters to the site originally. Either way, I know we'll stay in touch but you're one of the people who's long diatribes I'll actually take the time to read.

Powerful Josh Webb!

10/1/12 9:15:34PM
My $2.99 worth
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10/1/12 9:41:37PM
I posted this thread barely 24 hours ago and it's had nearly 1500 views. Josh, you are good for the Playground! Even if you don't come back, I'm glad we are still in touch through other means.

Just a quick side note: MMAca, I believe most of the people on this site are grown adults. I simply started this thread because I couldn't express my opinion before another thread was locked. I felt it was important to me to say what I did because, as an adult, I think things were getting out of hand. I will (and have) argued with probably everyone on this site about something. But as heated as it gets, I won't take a grudge from one thread to the next. I've agreed with and propped you in the past, and you've done the same with me. And im sure we will agree and maybe disagree in the future. But this is the internet. No one knows anyone here in real life (speaking generally). There is no reason anyone should attack another poster personally, in my opinion.

And Ghandi, I know where you are coming from with the clique assessment. I try to break that up. I try to prop everyone. I will prop someone in one thread after I blast them in another if I truly think they made a good post. I like everyone on this site. As for respectfully disagreeing, in my opinion that's just courtesy. I used to fly off the handle here ALL THE TIME (mostly in Diaz threads) but eventually I figured why get all emotional and loud and potentially hurtful when I can calmly state my case? You still get the same point across, but when done with tact one might be more inclined to listen.

Just to finish, I certainly didn't make this thread to put anyone or anything on blast, except Josh for being a genuinely good dude. He is one of the few members I actually call on the phone and I feel I understand and relate to on a personal level. I don't want to soapbox or preach. And I don't feel anyone addressed or attacked me directly. I just hope in the future we can all learn not to take things personally, myself included. Again, this is the internet. The things people do anonymously online while no one is looking speaks to their character just as much, if not more so than what they do in public.
10/4/12 1:23:00PM

Posted by airkerma

Cooler, FFS, this has zero to do with you, and yes it is an open forum, but seriously, why? Truly there is no better example of trolling...

It's all in good fun, actually I got propped 8 times for those posts, people seemed to think it was genuinely just for fun. However, this also had zero to do with you and now you are trolling, how does hypocrisy taste?
10/4/12 2:20:52PM
For what its worth, I don't like BSB, Fleek, Pmoney, Poor_Franklin, Shawn911111 or my own mother.
10/4/12 4:13:54PM

Posted by Svartorm

For what its worth, I don't like BSB, Fleek, Pmoney, Poor_Franklin, Shawn911111 or my own mother.

You love my humps.
10/4/12 9:11:37PM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by Svartorm

For what its worth, I don't like BSB, Fleek, Pmoney, Poor_Franklin, Shawn911111 or my own mother.

You love my humps.

but who wouldn't
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