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12/28/09 2:40:20PM
There are only a few things in life that are certain: death, taxes and Evans-Silva ending inside the distance.

That’s right. I said it. There is no possible way that the main event at UFC 108 will last the full three rounds. No chance. None whatsoever. Why? Styles make fights, and Evans’ counter punching mixed with Silva’s go-for-broke mentality means that this one is going to end early.\

12/28/09 5:43:26PM
No suprises its not going past the 3rd round. Still Calling Silva too upset.
12/28/09 5:49:37PM
Yeah I got Silva winning as well, I've always thought highly of Rashad but I still think his skills are limited.
12/28/09 7:56:19PM
I have been really torn on this one. IMO, it's a good match up.

I'm excited in seeing how this one ends up.

I'm taking Thiago on this one. I just want Rashad to lose so when he fights Rampage there is more on the line. It will make that fight against Rampage epic.
12/28/09 8:25:12PM
Rashad has been an underdog in nearly every fight he's had. It doesn't surprise me that folks are still picking against him.

Just don't put money on it.
12/28/09 10:18:56PM
Very dangerous fight for Silva because of how Machida picked him apart, and Rashad's got actual boxing. Plus he's a counter fighter and Thiago has more effective offense then protective defense. So unless he takes Rashad out early on the feet if it stays there, there could be trouble. The key in this one I think is space. If Silva can close the distance he could brutally stop Rashad. But if Rashad just relaxes and counters and dont even thinks of throwing first cause then he'll be in trouble, then i think he can stop Thiago too.

Thiago is the fn man though. Very badass. I love to watch him fight because he's freakin fearless. Always comes at ya. So I hope he takes this one and gets closer to the top at 205, I think this fight would bring him into the top 5, or even a legit have to be in your top 10, but I thought the Jardine fight did that already.
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