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8/29/08 6:12:08PM
Thought this was intersting, so here it is.->

I've spoken with a lot of people about Randy Couture in the last day. Things are definitely happening.

First, I can say with 100% certainty that there are current negotiations for Randy Couture to return in November to main event, and that the current proposed opponent is Brock Lesnar. They can't get Fedor, too many issues to work out on short notice, and he has a US-only non compete with Affliction.

This will be a new contract, not a return to the old one. It will likely pay him more and give him more benefits, but it will lock him into the UFC for the long term. In exchange for signing it Zuffa would drop all breach of contract charges.

From there, things get hazy. Randy is now training full time as if he is expecting a fight soon, but he still hasn't signed anything as far as I know. As far as the details of the Lesnar fight, I don't know if it's title or non title.

8/29/08 6:28:38PM
At first this rumor I thought would fizzle out and end up nowhere. It seems like there is some validity to it, and the possibility of Randy returning to the Octagon is very possible, and a fight with Lesnar no less.
8/29/08 7:02:59PM
if Randy comes back against Lesnar i am going to go nuts. Randy Wins via Round 3 TKO.
8/29/08 7:05:55PM
i can't quote the bible twice in one day or the United Atheist Emirate would ban me...but just know this is awesome news. hopefully Randy won't go dull in his old age and will be in good enough shape to eventually fight Fedor and give him a good match.
8/29/08 7:06:03PM
8/29/08 7:37:04PM

Posted by FrankTheTank1181

im calling PETA
8/30/08 8:40:11AM

Posted by CantAndleDaRiddum

Posted by FrankTheTank1181

im calling PETA

8/30/08 9:30:45AM
8/30/08 10:43:01AM
i hope this is true
randy vs brock lesnar

big nog vs mir

randy vs big nog for title next year
then after hopefully it will be randy vs fedor
8/30/08 12:08:49PM
I dont know why we still have hope in Randy, he is a legend, a star, an insperation, but he is also 45 years old, common, lets be reasonable.
I really dont want to see Randy fight again, he is more likely to lose, and the reputation he has build will also be lost.
Im a BIG Randy fan, and I dont wish to see Randy fight again.
8/30/08 8:38:19PM
There are still a lot of guys in the HW division Randy can beat, but Lesnar is not one of them.
8/31/08 2:08:09PM
So Randy's going to have a new long term contract with the UFC?
8/31/08 6:52:58PM
If Randy comes back and faces Brock I will go insane, Brock will kill him all so.
9/1/08 6:50:27PM
Brock and Randy.. interesting..

The one thing Randy relies on most is wrestling and Brock is a beast there, and will be much stronger... I see this as a possible bad match-up for Randy..

Im sure some way though that Randy will pull it off... I got Couture by Unanimous Decision.
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