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1/30/11 8:55:49PM
Hey this is a little old I guess, today was the first time I've ran across it...So I thought I'd put it up. A fantastic editing job, that wraps GSP's career up very nicely with a Bloodsport theme..... If ya got a little time, its worth checkin out.... (2 parts to the whole thing)
1/31/11 4:25:18PM
Really puts into perspective how great GSP is, in the fact that he will not only beat you but he will do so at your own game.
1/31/11 7:03:12PM
That video was completely awesome, I need to set aside another 15 minutes to watch part two.
2/3/11 7:14:36PM
Very nice !! GSP is an anomaly in that he is great at all things MMA. I love to watch hiim systematicly destroy opponents.
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