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8/2/07 9:11:17PM
Anyone have this game for any system?

I have it for Xbox 360... awesome game... beat it for ps2.
I beat division 2 and just entering division one

What are ur teams called? What's ur logo? Who's ur best player?

My team is called the Ottawa Reapers.. and have the Grim Reaper logo... and my best player is my quarterback (made him my name) on offense and on defense is Bruno Battaglia. He has about 15 sacks in like 3 games.

For those who dont know what this game is about...

The game which revolutionized pro football is back and better than ever, starring Lawerance Taylor, as Quentin Sands, and the new bad boy on the block, Bill Romanowski, and linebacker Bruno Battaglia.
"Win At Any Cost"
Campaign Mode
Allows You to create a team you can take to the field against 15 series menus that will let you creat your team from the ground up.

First you chose Location/Name/Logo

Edit the Colors of the jerseys

Pick a Uniform Style

Select a Stadium

When ur done all of that you hire personnel.

A new Headcoach, as well as a offensive/defensive coordinator, a doctor, a top rookie on offense, and a veteran Team Captain on defense.

Once u start u can play game.. go to ur trainer and make ur team stronger using a training regiment, you can also buy enacements and juice ur player... use steriods. it doesn't matter, like it says "Win at Any Cost".

Out of 5 What do u rate this game?
8/7/07 5:02:24PM
I have had it since it first came out. I like it and think it is fun. I know some other people that hate it. Though they didn't like the original Blitz either.
8/8/07 1:22:12PM
I bought this game but i really havent played it at all, i really disliked it, i enjoyed creating the team, the uninfroms and selecting the stadium but thats pretty much it, when it came around to playing a game i really disliked the gameplay, so i just stuck to madden.
8/8/07 1:24:24PM
the original for ps1 was great dont no about the new one
8/8/07 3:03:55PM
I love this game, just because I think normal football games are boring. Not enough violence, no big hits(which is why I stick to hockey)but Blitz: The League was a great game. It wasn't much different from the other Blitz game(except for the teams)but it was still pretty damn fun. 4/5.
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