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9/20/12 8:06:18PM
After 3 years on this site, I have finally received my jewelry Many thanks to everyone on this site, from regular posters to the blue moon posters to the newbies to my surprise van guys are awesome When I first decided to count everyone, I ventured a guess as to who my top 5 fans are: #1 P$; #2 Kpro; #3 Prophecy; #4 Budge; #5 Poor_Franklin....and I was pretty close. What I didn't realize is how much more of a fan P$ is than everyone else lol. Before I list everyone who has given me at least 1 prop, here are a couple tidbits about my prop life:

- I didn't start to regularly post until Sept 2010, about a year after I first created this account
- Machodog76 gave me my 1st prop on Sept 21, 2010 for my Bubbles av
- the longest time P$ went without giving me a prop was 44 days, between Sept 22 and Nov 5, 2011. Next longest was 13 days between Nov 17 and Nov 30, 2011.
- My 650th prop came earlier today via the-king for my baseball memes in the funny picture thread
- Milestone props: 50th via P$; 100th via Prophecy; 200th via tn_rebel; 300th via P$; 400th via BuffaloDave; 500th via jakewalters; 600th via Prophecy

Here is the list of everyone who has propped me. Again thank you MMAPlayground for making this site my internet home

Pmoney x 70
Poor_Franklin x 36
Prophecy033 x 35
Kpro x 34
Chael_Sonnen x 25
Budgellism x 22
shaneTpain x 22
KOpower x 17
BuffaloDave x 16
FastKnockout x 14
DancingDoll x 14
Airkerma x 14
George112 x 13
Franklinfan47 x 12
JLS1980 x 12
Twenty20Dollars x 12
Rabi x 11
KungFuMaster x 10
Grappler0000 x 10
Pookie x 9
Playground_Samurai x 9
Sparky x 9
Jakewalters x 7
Bjj1605 x 7
State_champ x 7
Hashyandy4 x 7
Cowcatcher x 7
Machodog76 x 6
DeadHead988 x 6
FlashyG x 6
Lohmann x 6
Jjeans x 6
DrivenDavies15 x 6
Scoozna x 5
Adrenaline x 5
Infestructure x 5
tn_rebel x 5
Gartface x 4
Jae_1833 x 4
Voodoo-jitsu x 4
MMAcca x 4
Aether x 4
Sbulldavid x 3
Tmas x 3
Bigrand826 x 3
Papercut x 3
Emfleek x 3
Bojangalz x 3
Ordep x 3
Manak x 3
Gogoplatapus x 3
Wallass x 3
Bythar x 3
Lesnar1 x 2
Cooler x 2
MaxOne x 2
Postman x 2
Michael_Corleone x 2
SmileR x 2
Copenhagen x 2
Aussiemma x 2
Sir_Karl x 2
Jay98107 x 2
Shawn91111 x 2
The-king x 2
SpiderSilva x 2
Malice x 2
Tcunningham x 2
Drudinh x 1
Gladiator x 1
Christtheknightrowan x 1
NaturalBornKiller92 x 1
Manak x 1
RhythmAndStyle x 1
MisterFreeze x 1
Villin x 1
Kill_the_rich x 1
Vomitshovel x 1
Boo_Radley x 1
TheOutlaw08 x 1
Twodragunns x 1
DosBox x 1
Mentalcase x 1
BeeR x 1
Teddythetuna x 1
Hotrodttt x 1
Quezocrema0032 x 1
Kingsmasher x 1
Edwards x 1
Malaussie x 1
Armbar66j7 x 1
ChrisSabal x 1
Decken x 1
Dfwkris x 1
Wolfenstein x 1
BlueSkiesBurn x 1
Geoffo x 1
Mattjonsey x 1
Danclarke1992 x 1
Fr33b1rd x 1
Dberntson x 1
Pskinner_mma314 x 1
Iwannabesedated x 1
Submissionartist1 x 1
Isk x 1
Basshandsome x 1
Trevail x 1
Bosshog x 1
Jesustapped x 1
Jlock003 x 1
kaopadgai x 1
Quezocrema0032 x 1
Backalley101 x 1
Supatolacyl x 1
Cdellorso x 1

9/20/12 8:18:41PM
Congrats Bubs, I can honestly say you're my homie. Your posts are awesome and your one of a select few that I see and have to read. I'm #3 on your list and thankfully, that my favorite number ever since I made Junior Stars in Basketball. I'm surprised I've only propped you 35 times, figuring it would have been more. Damn p$ strikes again At least I gave you #100 and #600

Keep the posts coming
9/20/12 8:19:58PM
Congrats. It looks good on you
9/20/12 8:33:39PM

9/20/12 8:36:20PM

I was gonna give you a congratulatory prop, but shockingly, I need to spread the love You're a good pal Bubbs! Keep those top posts coming
9/20/12 8:43:16PM

Posted by pmoney


I was gonna give you a congratulatory prop, but shockingly, I need to spread the love You're a good pal Bubbs! Keep those top posts coming

i was going to give him a prop but I have aleady reached my 24 hour limit
9/20/12 9:06:50PM
You'll find pmoney at the top of 95% of the poster's prop counts

I'm actually a little surprised I only propped 22 times. I need to step up my game. Keep it up though bubbs, you're one of the more interesting posters on here.
9/20/12 9:33:23PM
thanks for the recognition. you're a quality poster
9/20/12 10:12:35PM
i dont prop enough so if iv proped you you earned it 2x is far to little bubbles is always spot on with his posts
9/20/12 10:33:22PM

9/20/12 10:46:02PM
I always have to spread the love when I try and prop you Bubbles.
9/20/12 11:04:09PM
wtf? I have never propped you? This must change. Congrats man.
9/21/12 9:42:26AM
Congrats Bubbles. Keep up the good work.
9/21/12 10:09:03AM
Keep the posts comin my man

And I'm sure you'll be earning more props from me, through my eyes you're one of the top posters on here, keep up the good work
9/21/12 2:28:40PM
9/21/12 2:55:28PM
14 props!!?! jeez i've been drinking and propping too much
9/21/12 5:09:39PM
You'd probably have more from me if not for the spread the love feature. You have 5 now anyway.