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9/3/11 6:57:23PM
I noticed Maximo Blanco vs Pat Healy fight wasnt put up on the picks and im sure one of the Bellator fights or the BAMMA fight isnt as important as this one. I imagine the playground couldnt fit Blanco vs Healy on the combo card so I'd like to suggest either putting the fight in or switching it out with another

Top Choice: Douglas Lima vs Steve Carl, havent really heard of them
Next Choice: Ben Saunders vs Chris Cisneros, its only on there because of saunders
Can Live Without: Hornbuckle vs Santos and Kyle vs Pezao Lima or Trigg vs Wallhead
9/4/11 10:59:21AM
it's a combo card best 12 fights.

Blanco/Thomson was orginally on there, but then the injury to Thomson.

After that and Blanco didn't have an opponent(but, he does now), I suggested we add Saunders/Cisneros and Mike Kyle/Rogerio De Lima

So those seem to be the 12 fights.
9/4/11 6:08:15PM
i understood the situation but lblanco vs healy is more important than any of the undercard fights, the bellator fights or the bamma fight.. saunders vs ciseronos or lima vs carl should be replaced
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