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2/2/07 1:30:51AM
Just letting you know that the G.O.A.T. has arrived.

Good job on the site, this should be alot of fun.

P.S. If you're bored check out my website
2/2/07 12:11:34PM
Nice site mmadb!
2/2/07 7:09:02PM
nice av .....
2/5/07 11:17:07PM
but i like canada................
Nice site by the way. i like the fighter finder.
2/5/07 11:18:34PM
i just noticed though that you are missing a lot of events. Sam Stouts Record isnt clost to 1-1 its more like 10-2-1 i believe.
2/6/07 9:45:28AM
I've only added results from specific organizations...12 total to be exact. I have no desire to add every single MMA fight in history. I just don't have the time to do a project that big.

I could care less if Sam Stout beat John Doe in King of the Cage or Gladiator Challenge or TKO or wherever the hell else for that matter. Not that those fights don't matter but if it was in a mediocore to no name MMA organization I just don't care.

So ya, the database doesn't have every fight by every fighter, that's what Sherdog is for really. Adding all the rinky dink MMA organizations out there will ruin my rankings system so I decided to only keep the results from the better MMA organizations out there. That's just my personal preference.

Anyways, I hope that makes sense as to why all his other fights would be missing.
2/9/07 3:29:51PM
a Little bit. On the flip side. A fighter finder that showed fights that were unsanticoned or the Results were over turned. Or that just arent listed on Sherdog would be awesome. Would be a lot of work to find those fights though. Not to mention dispute what is MMA and whats not. (Kimbo= awesome but not mma)
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