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10/28/07 1:12:52PM
if you havent seen this fight, its imo one of the best fights of the year. the second round is awesome!
10/28/07 1:33:38PM
I haven't seen this fight, do you know where I can?
10/28/07 5:40:58PM

Posted by ohiostate1016

I haven't seen this fight, do you know where I can?

UFC On Demand...also, if you can get ahold of a Flux Capacitor, let me know...and I'll give you directions to Cincinnati.
10/28/07 6:32:32PM
10/28/07 8:08:32PM
It was a great fight.
10/29/07 9:17:31AM
my favorite fight of the night
10/29/07 9:18:40AM
I loved the fight, and if you've seen it you HAVE to give mad props to the ref for letting both guys fight it out and not stopping the fight at times where they could have EASILY been stopped.

Very good fight.
10/29/07 11:56:06PM
I agree with eschule the second round was great. Grice could have finished Black but he let it go and then the same thing happened where Black could have won but Grice barely survived the end of the 2nd. Both showed great heart.
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