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POLL: Best LW fight this year?
Grice over Black (77) 18% (6)
Griffin over Guida (72) 82% (27)
10/29/07 10:06:38AM
Assuming that most of us have seen footage of both fights, I was wondering which LW fight you guys think has been the best so far this year. Is it Matt Grice's split decision win over Jason Black at UFC 77 or Tyson Griffin's split win over Clay Guida at UFC 72?
10/29/07 10:08:40AM
Black/Grice was good, but Guida/Griffin blows it out of the water.
10/29/07 10:10:36AM
Griffin/Edgar and Fisher/Stout are also contenders.
10/29/07 10:11:12AM
I actually voted for Grice/Black b/c it's fresher in my mind. I may have to go back and watch that Griffin/Guida fight agian...
10/29/07 11:17:32AM
Still haven't seen Black/Grice... So I'll have to hold off on that one... But to me, I think Diaz/Gomi is still my favorite fight this year
10/29/07 11:35:18AM
Guida/Griffin for me. I like how it was more of a technical battle while Grice/Black was just a full 15 minute punishment session.
10/29/07 2:28:28PM
OK, so we now have 5 contenders as the best match this year:

Matt Grice over Jason Black (UFC 77)
Takanori Gomi vs. Nick Diaz-no contest (Pride 33)
Tyson Griffin over Clay Guida (UFC 72)
Frank Edgar over Tyson Griffin (UFC 67)
Spencer Fisher over Sam Stout (UFN 10)

I still say that Grice/Black was a h*ll of a fight, but any of these could be the best fight of the year. That just goes to show you that the LW divison is the best in all of MMA!
10/29/07 9:10:49PM
Edger over Griffin has been my favorite so far.
10/29/07 11:36:46PM
Your forgetting Tavaras/Griffen, hell of a good match as well.
10/30/07 11:42:58PM
Grice v.s. Black wasnt even that good, except for the 2nd round

their have been numerous LW fights better than Grice v.s. Black

Stout v.s. Fisher

Each of Tyson Griffin's fights which is against edgar, guida, and tavares

florian v.s. dokondojonasuka
10/31/07 11:14:28PM
I would have to say the guida/griffin fight. These guys were a tornado in the cage. Then i would have to say the stout/fischer fight.........these guys beat the dog piss out of each other
11/1/07 3:10:08PM

Posted by hado3

florian v.s. dokondojonasuka

close bud, you should of typed it really slowly like goldie said it

But why try and type his very long and hard to spell 1st name when you could of just said Mishima

LOL at that poll, is that the worst poll ever then?

id say Edgar Tyson but Stout Fisher 2 should be there, and you could also have Huerta Garcia
11/1/07 3:46:27PM
a, Guida/Griffin was such a good fight man. Its hard to compare fights like that, but if I had to watch just one again, it would definately be Guida/Griffin.
11/1/07 4:49:57PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

Edgar over Griffin has been my favorite so far.

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