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12/28/07 1:06:40AM
whenever i train bjj and get put in a choke or even squeezing my head i get a black eye. it goes away within a day or two i was wondering if anyone else has this happen to them and if its common or not. thanks
12/28/07 1:19:26AM
i only get them if i get punch or kicked, more you do BJJ the less it will give you a blackeye i would think
12/28/07 8:50:04AM
Yeah it used to happen to me all the time when i trained with my dad. He used to say its because the skin around the eyes is soft an sensitive but it'll toughen up. He was right but i used to love tellin my nan he gave me a black eye! haha i still haven't seen a black belt run that fast to this day!
12/28/07 2:08:26PM
the only time i've ever gotten a black eye was in my first no-gi compition and was choked out twice.
12/28/07 2:22:22PM
its because your not tapping out fast enuff. its like when guys wont tap nd get a bloody nose.
12/29/07 10:04:09AM
yup i was fighting my way out of the chokes..or trying to atleast one made me black out as i brought my arm up to tap the other i tapped before my head exploded
12/31/07 8:23:47PM
thanks for the input everybody. i kinda figured that but im pretty sure its not because im not tapping fast enough because i get them from like just a squeeze hold like someone trying a rnc when my neck is tucked or a gillotine from the bottom from no guard and so on. again thanks to everyone who replied
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