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12/9/08 1:03:10PM
Christmas cheer will be in short supply for UFC welterweight Akihiro Gono (29-13-7) this year, according to his recent blog posts.

Gono, whose last fight was a decision loss to Dan Hardy at UFC 89, says he is “being affected by the worldwide financial crisis”.

He explained that, after bringing friends to the UK at his own expense and then losing to Hardy, he went on a shopping spree to cheer himself up.

But plummeting exchange rates meant he was “shocked to see the invoice from my credit card company. The amount was more than I had in my account”.

With the Japanese yen at a low against the dollar, Gono found himself losing out on $0.25 for every dollar he changed.

“I could visit a luxury ‘soapland’ (brothel) more than 10 times with the money I lost,” he fumed.

But ever the joker, he added: “I have no money and no girlfriend this winter. I'll spend my free time downloading Christmas songs at home."

Gono, a veteran of Pride FC, Shooto and Pancrase, is 1-1 in the UFC after winning his debut against Tamdan McCrory.

12/9/08 1:40:39PM
Put him on the upcoming Ohio card asap for his sake and mine.
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