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11/28/07 7:03:32PM
hey everybody i was wondering if anybody in here knows of a good bjj school in south florida it could be in dade or broward county, was wanting to start training but i wasnt sure were to go thanks in advance
11/29/07 9:48:22AM
I don't know the area that well, so these places might not be close, but:

Kurt Pelligrino and Hermes France have a school in Jupiter, FL:

And the American Top Team in Coconut Creek, FL has too many good fighters to list trainiing out of it:

Both would teach MMA and BJJ I'm sure and both have good Brazilian ties for the instructors.
11/29/07 5:57:45PM
hey man thanks for the info jupiter is a little to far but ill check att in coconut creek thats about 35 mins away thanks again fullerene
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