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1/5/13 6:35:10PM
Hi Guys, I am sorry for posting this and giving Tyson Fury more internet billing than he deserves in his marks towards Cain Valesquez but this post is simply about Bisping. By that i mean, On this occasion, All Americans would most definitely be 100% in agreement with Michael Bisping in his comments made towards a fellow Countryman boxer who undoubtedly is trying to write cheques his ass cannot cash with his rambling comments he made towards the UFC HW champ Cain Valesquez.

Bisping on ESPN

Bisping could not of put it better !!
Show Bisping some love !!! :)
1/5/13 6:41:40PM
Cain would DESTROY whats his name like Bisping will DESTROY veeeetor
1/5/13 6:45:19PM
Would not be close....

Bisping is right.

Never thought I'd say that.
1/5/13 8:21:32PM
Love him or hate him Bisping is right on the money here. Cain would GnP Tyson out in the 1st.
1/6/13 7:26:42AM
Fuck, I HAVE to agree with Bisping

1/6/13 11:11:12AM
I guess this means I now believe Tyson would destroy Cain
1/6/13 1:01:15PM
I think this is a pretty "No shit sherlock" kind of comment from Bisping. Anyone who has ever seen Cain fight knows he would manhandle anybody without a solid wrestling background. Fury wouldn't last as long as Bigfoot Silva did but he'd look twice as bad after it was over. I agree with Bisping here, sure. But who in their right mind would disagree with his statement?
1/6/13 2:18:56PM
I thought we put this Ufc fighter vs boxer laid to rest
When randy kicked James toneys ass
1/6/13 2:45:49PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Cain would DESTROY whats his name like Bisping will DESTROY veeeetor

You're supposed to call him Spitsping
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