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11/18/07 11:56:49AM
i know everybody wants to see the rashad tito and bisping hammil rematch, but i think differently. give each of them a fight that will really give us an indicator of how good they really are.

bisping vs. bonnar- bonnar is good but a top 10 gate keeper imo, if you beat him you are a legit talent, if you cant you will never be in title contention because bonnar will never be in title contention.

rashad vs. thiago silva: rashad didnt look great against bisping, thiago silva is very dangerous, we will if rashad is title material if he can take on an explosive striker with a good ground game.
11/18/07 12:04:59PM
the next opponent of Evans have to be a real test !!

The LHW division is stacked and the hard work is beginning for rashad for sure .

as for Bisping, i think he will be destroy against Bonnar who is not a gate keeper in my view, maybe not a futur champ but he can improve the same way of forrest and jardine did in there last fight .

11/18/07 12:18:45PM
Neither of these guys will ever be champ in the ufc. neither of them can beat wandy, quinton, liddell, shogun......or even tito. they could be gate keepers themselves but they arent anywhere near top ten yet.
11/18/07 12:56:26PM
Its a shame really, Evans has all the potential in the world, but until he gets his cardio in order, I dont see him winning a single big fight...
11/18/07 1:08:43PM
I say you switch there rematches. Rashad vs. Matt and Bisping vs. Tito.
11/18/07 2:48:49PM
Bisbing looked good last night he should move down to 185 he would stand a better chance vs wreslters in a smaller class Bisbing vs Grove what a fight
11/18/07 5:48:15PM
Rashad either gets Forest (If they dont give Forest a title shot) If not Forest, I would say Thiago Silva. That would be a good fight imo. Dont know about Bisping and I really dont care
11/18/07 6:33:13PM
i doubt we will ever see bisping at 205 again. rashad vs alves makes sense to me.
11/18/07 7:00:52PM

Posted by nickcuc547

bisping vs. bonnar- bonnar is good but a top 10 gate keeper imo, if you beat him you are a legit talent, if you cant you will never be in title contention because bonnar will never be in title contention.

I agree, and disagree. I agree that Bisping/Bonnar should be next. I disagree though, because I think Bonnar could be in title contention with more wins. Yes he will need to be guys better than Schafer and Nickels, but he's just getting back, and he's with a great camp, and I believe that with proper training he can win enough to warrant a title shot.

Posted by nickcuc547

rashad vs. thiago silva: rashad didnt look great against bisping, thiago silva is very dangerous, we will if rashad is title material if he can take on an explosive striker with a good ground game.

I don't know about anyone else, but seeing Silva due the cut throat (moving arm across neck in a slicing manner), to the camera gave me the chills. He needs to steal Houston's nickname, and start going by that.. Then if he can beat Rashad, he'll be like "i'm going to assassinate your championship hopes", of course in the national language of Brazil (sorry, I am only educated in MMA, and I have a Master's in that.), and then go on and who knows, maybe win the top prize, the LHW Title.
11/19/07 2:35:52AM
Personally, I don't want to see Tito and Rashad again, because that was a crappy fight in my opinion, and don't care to see it again...

Also, I think Bisping should go to middleweight, because I don't think he stands a shot at being a contender in the LHW division. I'm only giving a guess at an opponet in the LHW division because I wouldn't be surprized if he stayed at LWH because he "didn't get his ass whipped.

Anywho..I think Rashad should face someone who's right in there for contention. He can't fight a can right now, so I say we throw him up against Shogun and see if he's for real. This fight works well both ways, because it will give shogun a nice chance to return against someone I feel he can beat. There's other good options, but Rashad vs. Shogun makes the most sense to me.

With Bisping, first and foremost, I think he should have to fight Hammil again, becasue unlike Rashad and TIto, that fight DIDN'T bore me, and Now that bisping lost to rashad, I think they should make Bisping put up or shut up and show us he IS good enough to beat Hammil. Plus, Everyone wants to see it again. The Other option I have for Bisping is Houston Alexander. Both Coming off losses, but both are fighters people want to see again, and both could jump back in with a win, and the winner of this fight will have accomplished something BIG. Plus, Houston will stand and exchance with BIsping, which is what he wants, and prolly what houston wants after Silva beat him BAD on the ground. So that's another possibility...

For those too lazy to read all of that...

Rashad Evans v. Shogun Rua
Micheal Bisping v. Matt HAmmill/Houston Alexander (If Bisping doesn't cut to MW)
11/19/07 2:45:38AM
I don't want to see Rashad and Bisping again, it just was not a great fight first time round, I don't see it being any better second time round. The 3rd round was pretty poor in particular, when both guys should have been hitting the afterburners to get a knockout, they got quickly sucked into a "Rashad gets takedown, Bisping stands up, Rashad gets takedown, Bisping stands up again" pattern. Not my idea of an exciting fight.

I don't want to see Rashad vs Tito II either, the first fight wasn't that much cop, when you put two low intensity fighters in the cage the results are rarely electrifying, and we saw that when Rashad and Tito met, it was just 3 rounds of tired looking, tenative sloppy striking, interspersed by some clinching and grappling, with niether opponent scoring much in the way of damage.

I still think Bisping is too small for 205 though, perhaps a fight with Kendall at 185lbs is in order. At this point though, I still don't see him being champ in either division, at least not for a long, long time!
11/19/07 2:50:16AM
I personally think Bisping would do quite well at 185. If he was a bit bigger then his opponents he could be overwhelming with his strikes. I would like to see him take rich on, I think that would be a good tilt.
11/19/07 3:44:15AM
Id like to see bisping move down to 185 to, i was very suprised by his stregnth when he was managing to stuff rashads takedowns, i think hed be a big problem for anybody at 185, apart from anderson and mabeys rich, but seeing as though he managed to hold off one of the better wrestlers in the lhw division for the most part, i wouldnt be suprised if he stuck around in that division for a while.
11/19/07 7:42:30AM
i think yall should pay attention to what they say at ufc events....ufc 70 is the biggest example...when they said arlovski wasnt getting a title shot because he was boring against werdum they forgot to mention that the arlovski/werdum fight was NOT A #1 CONTENDER FIGHT they said that the winner of cro cop/gonzaga fight would get a shot at randy and randy picked gonzaga to upset cro cop, so for them to critisize andrei like that was b/s, thats like feeding the flame and making andrei think of leaving to other organizations when he should be fighting in the ufc, and they would be dumb not to sign him. there accually gonna give sylvia a title shot again...ughhh say it aint so randy

my point being they said the evans/bisping fight was probably gonna fight rampage AKA the light heavyweight elite like dana says, who else can they give the title shot to.....machida if he beats sokodjou? wandy if he beats chuck? i mean i think they meant this was #1 contender fight. but wandy makes the most sense for rampage at this point of rampages career. if he cant beat wandy then wandy just has his number like he has chucks
11/19/07 7:56:33AM
how can you say they couldnt beat tito when rashad went to a draw with him, and yeah everyone says its because of titios point deduction, but if he hadnt held that fence you dont know wut happened rashad had him lifted he prolly would have slammed him and had more time on top of tito and it wasnt like at the end of the fight he wasnt attempting to finish ortiz off.
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