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11/23/12 4:23:47AM
Michael Bisping has expressed sympathy for Chris Weidman over the American's fresh shoulder injury, and made a serious case for why his fight with Vitor Belfort should be for the interim UFC middleweight title.

Weidman was ruled out of UFC 155 on Wednesday by a shoulder problem that will require surgery. It leaves the 185-pounder looking at a three-to-six-month absence.

"The news that Chris Weidman is out for six months has really put a downer on the entire middleweight division," Bisping wrote on "I feel really bad for him, especially as he's already had a massively crappy month with Hurricane Sandy destroying his house.

11/23/12 4:53:52AM
So compelling...
11/23/12 6:25:46AM
"Not so fast, cart." -horse
11/23/12 8:19:44AM
You're a joke if you win an interim belt and declare yourself champion.
11/23/12 8:50:53AM
Just when he quit sounding like an idiot, he pulls this shit. This is just hilarious, there must have been some serious mmath going on for him to declare himself the number one guy in the division, when he's never beaten a top 5 guy. I do believe he has a shot against Vitor but I would have to think that Vitor is about a 3-2 favorite.
11/23/12 9:08:30AM
there is nothing wrong with him believing he is the #1 contender, even though we all know that's a load of crap. I do agree that he and Weidman are the top 2 contenders and now that Weidman is no longer fighting, Bisping needs to beat Vitor to be the #1 contender. If Silva is going to take a year off or not defend his title in over a year, an interim title is the right way to go. Barao and Condit got these pseudo belts to (supposedly) keep the division moving with the champion out, except that Bisping said he will keep fighting unlike Condit and Barao who chose to wait.

If Anderson stops dicking around then all of this speculation can be put to rest. Is he going to fight a superfight? Is he going to take a year off and do movies with his new bff Steven Segal? Is he going to defend the title? He keeps jumping back and forth on all of these options leaving the UFC and the MW division in limbo.
11/23/12 9:56:34AM
He beats a barely top 10 fighter in Stann and now he is the number 1 fighter in the MW division?
11/23/12 10:37:00AM
I really really really want to see Andy fight Bisping. It would be the ultimate 'you want it? Now you got it' fight.
11/23/12 11:50:05AM
the only person the article convinced that bispings in the #1 contender is....... bisping