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10/19/08 11:26:25PM

Posted by blackhalo

Landed more, and had control the final two rounds, 2-1 Leben clearly won this fight, as we know with Matt Hamill 1: White wants his TUF winners to win, even if it's a boring decision that goes against what he wants in his UFC fighters (FINISHES) and 2: in London, Bisping will win a decision, so it's on Leben for not knocking him our or submitting him.

Can you break down your opinion of why Bisping won, based on the UFC scoring system? I just don't get it..... I think Leben CLEARLY won. Just my opinion as a fan and someone who watches a lot of MMA and watched that fight twice now.

To say that Dana influences the outcome of these fights is insinuating that Dana is paying off the NSAC to influence the fights, which is ludacris.

The only way Dana can "influence" a fight is by matchmaking.
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