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4/25/08 5:06:20PM
bisping was just interviewed of setanta sports news where he confirmed he had been added to the ufc 85 card (get in!) and it was also announced but wouldnt be confirmed that matt hughes vs tiago alves will be the headline fight. This has saved ufc 85 for me and cant wait to experience the atmosphere for mike fighting in britain again last time the roof nearly blew off so glad i got my tickets early.
4/25/08 5:49:01PM
Still not "Ice man VS Shogun" However Hughes Alves and Leban - Bisbing have the makings of a great fight-

Go hughes-
I want Hughes VS Serra
also we can give Karo another shot at Alves in which Karo smokes him.....
4/25/08 6:00:00PM
Hughes and Alves is a sweet fight! i'm all for it! Hughes by pure domination!
4/25/08 6:20:33PM
man i wish i had tickets
4/25/08 6:26:54PM
sounds good. i think hughes has got this one and will put alvesdown and ground and pound him.
4/25/08 6:37:49PM
Matt Hughes is going to get finished by Alves. I suspect a late 2nd round or 3rd round KO/TKO.

I hope Bisping ends up fighting Leben. Potential Fight Of The Year candidate if Bisping and Leben end up fighting.
4/25/08 6:44:01PM
this makes me happy

war ufc!
4/25/08 6:52:54PM
i would rather watch hughes vs anybody for a mian event then irvin vs evans,
still a good pay per view,
4/25/08 7:19:45PM
bisbing by UD
hughes by sub 2nd rd
4/25/08 7:21:02PM
Alves is the future, but is the future now? I think so. Alves by KO
4/25/08 8:19:03PM
Odd, I'd be much more excited to see Karo vs. Hughes...even though tecnically Alves is above him. I don't know, even with the win, I don't take Alves seriously.
4/25/08 9:04:54PM
So if Alves wins, i would guess he would get a title shot right after Fitch. But if Hughes wins, where do you think he goes from there? A title shot doesn't seem appropriate seeing as he was beat by St. Pierre twice. I was hoping for Hughes vs. Serra, to me that seemed to make a lot more sense. My only guess is Hughes would need at least 2 more top 10 wins to get a shot.
4/25/08 9:37:12PM
Hughes says, no matter what happens against Alves, he'll end up fighting Serra next. (YEESS!!!)

Hughes should be able to negate Alves on the feet, take him to the ground and do whatever to him on the ground. He might stop him, but I say Hughes by UD.

As for Bisping/Leben, all I have to say is "WOW!" This could've made a good main event but I think it makes it place nicely as the co-main event. This one indeed has "FOTY" applications. The UFC have certainly delivered in bringing in reinforcements to save this event.

As one of you crazy kids said above,

4/26/08 8:31:34AM
I'd have watched the event anyway but, having Hughes, Bisping and Alves on it has made it even better.
4/26/08 1:53:18PM
**** YEAH.

I now deem this card watchable. War Hughes.
4/26/08 2:24:48PM

Hughes should be able to negate Alves on the feet

That's a bold statement, considering what happened to the last few opponents who stood with Alves. Maybe the takedown will be in the back of Alves' mind though and he won't throw leg kicks. That's the only way I see Hughes competing with Alves standing up.

And I don't know about you all, but trading Alves/Huges and Bisping/Leben for no Chuck Liddell (who was going to destroy Rashad anyways)...with those matches that's a trade I'm willing to take.
4/26/08 3:18:07PM
that trade is a steal 4 good fighters for the price of one plus we still get to see evans get a beat down
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