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1/18/09 2:20:48PM
How do you see it going? i think we will see a mirror image of bispings plan against leben. He will throw a combo followed by alot of backward movement. This is not a knock against my boy mike as he fought an intelligent fight against leben respecting his knockout power and i feel he will use the same strategy against henderson. The one thing that henderson brings to the table that leben didnt though is the takedown attempts. It will be interesting to see if mike can avoid being taken down. I really think that henderson is the better matchup for bisping than franklin would of been as franklin is a far more superior striker than mike.
1/18/09 2:37:20PM
I am already decided on this one to tell you Bisping UD.

1/18/09 2:39:34PM
1/18/09 2:43:15PM
Im going to say hendo wins this fight like he did againt rich, either by split decision or UD. Because of hendos wrestling.
1/18/09 3:07:13PM
hendo wins rather easily. hendo is much more athletic and mobile than leben and he has more power in his hands and better wrestling. bisping won't be able to dance around hollywood, it's the right strategy but he will have to fight the perfect fight to beat him.
1/18/09 3:11:28PM
Hendo takes this hands down. All you guys need to refer to is Hamill Bisping.
1/18/09 3:23:08PM
Henderson should win this more convincingly than the Franklin fight.
Henderson is much stronger, much tougher, has an edge with Cardio, and has harder strikes.
Hendo by UD
1/18/09 3:56:21PM

Posted by Hendo67

Henderson should win this more convincingly than the Franklin fight.
Henderson is much stronger, much tougher, has an edge with Cardio, and has harder strikes.
Hendo by UD

My thoughts exactly
1/18/09 4:05:58PM
Henderson wins UD
1/18/09 5:24:16PM
Bisping has looked impressive at 185 and his gameplan and striking was really good in the Leben fight.

I would not be suprised to see him use this strategy, and pull off a decision win.

But I think Henderson is just too strong and has good ground control where he will keep Mike pinned down and drop some GnP on his way to a close decision win.
1/18/09 5:47:49PM
Bisping is capable of beating Henderson. I think he is due a KO victory (not just a referee stoppage) and this is the biggest fight of his career, maybe he can pull a Mir!
1/18/09 6:59:15PM
If Bisping struggles with wrestlers like the way he did with Hammil he is going to have big problems with Hendo. Hendo lasted and beat Franklin who is much better at 185 than Bisping imo. I think Dan out muscles and out works Bisping for another decision.
1/18/09 8:12:15PM
i think hendo will catch bisping and knock him out
1/19/09 4:28:22AM
Hendo wins this fight, better wrestler than Hamill, with more powerful hand(s). Will be a TKO by GnP
1/19/09 5:16:22AM
Initially I was giving Bisping no chance, but as the fight is a reality now on the horizon I'm giving Bisping a better shot.

If Bisping can keep it on the feet, he can outpoint and tire Dan out. Michael winning is going to be largely dependent on his cardio. Ideally he can outwork Dan, and constantly work to get back up to his feet--pick Dan apart from the outside, and control the distance.

Dan's cardio wasn't the best, and he didn't cut any weight. Logically you could assume the cut to 185 for Dan could play some factor. That said; Dan just beat Franklin(who could still be the #2 MW if he so chose), who is a cardio machine and every bit as good a striker as Bisping--if not better...and he lost.

This is a big step up from Leben, and Bisping's performance against Leben (while clear cut) wasn't impressive. Leben gave no respect to Bisping's power, and with Dan's chin--he might not either. Unless Bisping starts loading up on his punches here and there, Hendo will walk right through those peppering shots and take him down, and that's not a place Bisping wants to be.
1/19/09 5:24:30AM
Tough fight to call.
If Bisping can dance around Hendo and pick his shots carefully,he can out score him for sure.
But he's gonna have dodge some huge bombs,along with Hendo's takedowns.
Bisping can win,but this is going to be one of those fights he's gonna feel for a very long time afterwards.

either Bisping by majority decision,or Hendo by TKO.
1/19/09 10:46:05PM
Bisping has the advantage on his feet, technique wise. However, he seems to lack huge power. If he can get more power than Franklin has then....Oh hell, nevermind.

I know MMA math doesn't work, but here I think it does. Franklin > Bisping in all aspects and Hendo just beat Franklin.

1/20/09 1:20:49AM
i really like hendo but iam gonna have to say bisping, hendo just isn't the same even with his SPLIT decision.
1/20/09 2:30:17PM
i believe bisping just lacks that little bit of knockout pwer which helps keep opponents honest. saying that though everyone said the same thing about evans. Everyone making reference to the hammill fight is unfair in my eyes as that fight was at 205lb and bisping has shown he is a different animal at 185lb. his take down defence has become ver strong and even evans couldnt keep him down when he got him there. obviously i am extremely biased towards my fellow countryman but i feel a lot more confident in mike beating hendo than him beating franklin.
1/20/09 2:44:54PM
I think everybodies onto Dan in regards to stand up now. If you can avoid his big right, he wont hurt you to much. Although he has seemed to start using kicks a little more which is nice to see. So if he can stay on the outside and pick his shots, he could take a UD. Same to any good striker going against Hendo who works a good gameplan.

I think dan will beable to drag him to the mat eventually though, just like he did Franklin, and take a UD.
1/20/09 6:21:30PM
Henderson by Unanimous Decision or Right Hand KO!

1/22/09 9:15:46PM
Like Hamill was not ready for Franklin...Bisping is nowhere near ready for Hendo. In my mind Bisping is the more technical striker but Hendo has the much more dangerous knockout power. Even if Hendo gets in trouble on his feet he will take Bisping down and dominate him with his wrestling. I think this is Hendo 9 times out of 10. Probably by decision!
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