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2/19/13 11:33:01PM
Michael Bisping has revealed to ESPN that he may require surgery to correct a nerve problem that is causing atrophy, a condition that sees the wasting away of muscle tissue.
Bisping heads to a specialist on Tuesday regarding the issue, which has severely weakened his right arm. He hopes to cure the problem ahead of his April 27 fight with Alan Belcher.

2/19/13 11:58:17PM
I've had nerve damage in my right arm it's an awful feeling. Feels like your arm is asleep all the time makes it next to impossible to fall asleep
2/20/13 8:24:00AM
Last thing he needs is a weaker right arm. From pillow fists to feather fists.
2/20/13 12:38:55PM
Some of the older fighters have problems with muscle wasting. They take... TRT!!!!!!!!!!!
2/20/13 4:16:51PM
Misleading first I thought Mikey was going to a Dr. to cure his Nerves (CHOKING) in big fights.