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11/18/07 10:16:17AM
Rashad lucks out again!

Rashad won round one obviously, even with the hug fest he put on during that round.

Bisping out struck Evans slightly in the second. Evans got a couple of big shots in with his wild striking but Bisping landed more punches overall.

Bisping had round three!!! Rashad got one take down! The second was NOT a takedown, Bisping slipped and jumped right on top of him. Evans got reversed once and had his back controlled. And every time Bisping went down he stood right back up. And on the feet Rashad got even sloppier and wild while Bisping stayed pretty technical, slightly slow punches though, and should have out scored Evans on the feet. I would have given that round to Bisping 10 - 9 Evans.

Maybe Joe Rogan was right. The judeges had the Hamill fight in mind and wanted to deliver some backlash....
11/18/07 10:20:39AM

I gave the second and third rounds to Bisping. I think the judges were scared to get criticized for giving another close fight to Bisping. The only way I see Rashad getting R2 or 3 is with his lay n pray style. I guess the judges saw him winning R3 via boredom. Bisping was right, he did do enough to cancel out the takedowns as Rashad did nothing to Bisping once he got him there.
11/18/07 10:37:04AM
Ok both of these guys I think are small Light heavies and should drop down to 185, because I dont see either of them as legit contenders for the title or a main threat on paper to the top 10 guys.
11/18/07 10:52:09AM
Don't forget that when he won TUF 2, Rashad was a Heavyweight. He's probably cutting a bit as it is to make 205, so MW may really be stretching it for him.
11/18/07 11:48:44AM
Heh.. on the UFC website.. the caption of the Bisping and Evans fight states
"In a furious 3-round war, Michael Bisping holds his own against a rock-solid Evans... etc.."

Im sorry, but I did not see a furious 3-round war for them, I only see it as a furious 3-round war for the fans.... furious that they had to sit through a lay N pray fight, and that is was a friggin main event fight also!

Oh well, I didnt really expect this card to be fantastic, and im not sure it answered all the questions about these fighters as it was supposed to IMO.

Come on UFC 79!!

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