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6/18/08 2:01:47PM
Mixed Martial Arts is a full-on legit sport, not only drawing athletes from judo and wrestling but even exerting a gravitational pull on those less lucrative sports, drawing athletes and even distorting the nature of the game. The one combat sport that has so far most resisted integration into MMA is boxing, the big money, big time showpiece combat sport of the western world for the last 150 years.

Those boundaries are beginning to break down.

Top-flight cruiserweight David Haye has been talking MMA for a while, now he's training with UFC star Michael Bisping:

6/18/08 7:04:20PM
I think this is good news for MMA.. as more and more fighters and athletes from other sports move over to MMA or just start working with MMA it is only going to help MMA...

It would be hard for states who still do not sanction MMA to say its brutal when they have boxing.. and top boxers start making the move over.. it starts to punch holes in thier disapproval... plus it will start bring in new fans as well..
6/18/08 7:12:31PM
so bisping is going to stand with leben?
8/6/08 12:26:20AM
David Haye won't move to MMA. He migth train with those guys but no way. He can make 10 million a fight if he beats Klitschko and he can 10 million if even fights Klitschko. He'll make at most 100K for fighting in MMA right now.
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