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9/8/07 11:18:47PM
I voted for Bisbing to win this fight. However, I've never seen such a horrible decision in the entire time I've been an MMA fan. Hammil simply OWNED that wanker the entire fight.
9/8/07 11:20:25PM
this was a super bad call, imo if this happened in USA hammil would have you,anyone agree?
9/8/07 11:42:54PM
I really don't care where it happend, this is IMHO a black eye for the UFC. I didn't like the reffing the whole night, I thought points should have been taken, and wth is up with refs making like they were going to jump in and stop it and then back out? I'm a little concernd with whats going on in some fights...anyone else notice these things?
9/9/07 12:02:33AM
IMO its not the ref or the UFC wrong doing in this i think it was the home town boy is why this happened and i hope dana has something to say about this
9/9/07 1:11:11AM
If Mirko retires, I will not pay for another UFC event. I'm really pulling for K-1 hero's at this point.
9/9/07 1:12:34AM
That really was the most bullshit decision I've seen in UFC. I lost a lot of respect for Bisping when he acted like it was the right decision and he really won the fight. If he actually believes that there's something wrong.
9/9/07 2:15:35AM
bisping is a little bitch. i think it's a total scam that dana says pride has to die because it's run by gangsters and then the UFC sells its integrity to get some ridiculous british fans. british people are morons, let them have their soccer riots. bisping is a bitch and he got totally dominated. that one judge said it was 30-27 Bisping shows you it was rigged. what a ******* farce. Dana White sucks cock.
9/9/07 1:04:23PM
9/16/07 1:24:32AM
I agree with the majority of you...Total dissappointment.

Matt won that fight!


9/16/07 6:07:25PM

Posted by cmill21

If Mirko retires, I will not pay for another UFC event. I'm really pulling for K-1 hero's at this point.

All of the pridefc production and marketting team all work for k1 hero's now, they will get big if they keep buying harf decent fighters !!!
9/27/07 10:57:49AM
Ya I could have sworn Hammil won the fight , what a jip, almost as bad of decision as Griffin vs Guida.
10/25/07 9:30:26PM
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