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3/13/08 12:07:44PM
Was it Frankie Edgar over Tyson Griffin on the very 1st event? If so thats a bit weird! He had just 5% ............... ah now in fact even less people picked Serra (thats weird cos im sure more serra fans actually did) 2% in fact ................. oh no hang on a mo, yep in fact Gonzaga takes it with just 1% hmmmmmm, 2007 really did have some big upsets!

I think the biggest this year has been ............... hmmm i dont know?

3/13/08 4:57:58PM
If you're talking picks then most likely Serra, if you're talking MMA in general then........ most likely Serra
3/13/08 5:01:09PM
Sokodjou over lil Nog.
3/13/08 5:50:48PM
Yea, I did a thread on this a couple weeks ago and it was Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop with 1% picking Gonzaga. And Serra vs. GSP with 2%.
3/15/08 3:03:19AM
I'm not sure how to look up past percent picks, but I'd bet Sok vs Nog Sok prob'ly got 1% or less. PPl were calling it the biggest mismatch in mma history. He was less knwon also than the other guys mentioned.
3/15/08 4:25:48AM

Posted by JimiMak

Sokodjou over lil Nog.

I agree , but I looked it up and it was 3% for Sokoudjou. Still the biggest underdog victory I could find.
3/15/08 9:36:53AM
Well it is definately Gonzaga - which i do find amazing tbh, i nearly picked him cos so many people were counting him out

LOL at 3% getting Soku right, they were prolly just like my mate who picked him and had no clue who Nog was

The point being that 2007 has several crazy upsets with that fewer % of people picking them, i just dont see that happening again in a hurry, and a better scoring system for faves/dogs would make the % of picks better imo
3/15/08 10:28:42AM
Your right. i didn't even check that one. 1%
5/14/08 12:42:56AM
the last fight that jason DOOMS day had, who the hell is jason Dooms day, know hes fighting Bisping.
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