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POLL: Couture/ Lesnar biggest fight in UFC history?
Yes 19% (13)
Yes (If Couture wins) 7% (5)
Yes (If Lesnar wins) 13% (9)
Potential of being the best 13% (9)
No 17% (12)
Sounds like Don King was advertising the fight 31% (22)
11/10/08 5:01:04PM

Posted by Kracker_Jap

I consider my self a Die hard fan, and well, I'm very excited about this fight the only other fight this year I was more excited by was Chuck vs Wandy.....

I don't think this is the biggest HW fight in history, but do think it is a important crossroad for the division, either it goes the way of the old or the way of the new....

and In my opinion the winner of this next fight wins the HW tourney they have going on

I'm so/so on this fight because I don't really like either fighter but I can see why hardcores would be excited about it. To me though it lacks that little bit of omg they finally meet, like the Wand v Chuck or Cro Cop v Fedor. We had to wait so long for both and we got to watch both leave a wake of destruction behind them as they waited to meet, this one it's like oh we still don't know a ton about Brock.
11/10/08 5:19:31PM
I think the sales will blow the charts off the wall.
11/11/08 1:41:07AM

Posted by Jackelope

I think by numbers it would probably be Couture vs. Sylvia. Which was actually a really good fight, too.

Others that come to mind are Sylvia vs. Ricco Rodriguez, Barnett vs. Couture, and Couture vs. Gonzaga. All were huge HW fights and coincidentally all were also very good fights to watch. (IMO)

As far as biggest HW showdown in MMA goes I'm going to have to say it was Crocop vs. Fedor

Couture vs. Sylvia was huge even though it wasn't too terribly long ago, I can't remember how long it had been as far as excitement goes. A lot of peeps were.
11/11/08 1:12:38PM
No Randy vs. Big Nog will be
11/11/08 7:06:38PM
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